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Store Tour: The new Scribe wants to make you more creative & productive

There are a few stops that I must visit with every trip to the mall. First, my usual beauty haunts – Beauty Bar, Rustan’s The Beauty Source, and SM Beauty. Second, whichever food place tickles my fancy because you need the energy to walk around and window shop. And third, Scribe Writing Essentials, which is now known as simply as Scribe.

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Where to sell your (barely) used makeup online

Hoarding is one of the occupational hazards of a self-confessed beauty addict. Still, while it is common, it can become wasteful when you consider all that money spent on products that were used only a few times then set aside. However, these personal care items are called that for a reason - they've touched your face, hands, mouth, and even eyes! Why would anyone (barring close friends and family who don't have laway-swapping issues) want your pre-loved cosmetics?

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Call This An Intervention: Eight things to do when you have too much makeup

Wait, can you actually have too much makeup? Sadly, the truth holds still: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you’re having trouble keeping your stash properly stored or even just choosing which products to use, maybe it’s time to admit that your collection has gotten out of hand. Regain control, maximize your stash, and free up some space (for new stuff *wink wink*) with these top tips!

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