Five face powders that actually look fantastic on dry skin

Face powder for dry skin? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, rather than a beauty solution. As someone who went from oily-skinned puberty to dry-skinned adulthood, the frustration of trying to set makeup in this humid weather and despite the dry patches showing up isn’t foreign to me. I need to look matte and I need to have that powder substrate in order for all my lovely powder blushes to sit on my skin properly.

The big news is this: A happy compromise can be achieved by choosing setting powders that don’t zap the skin of moisture. Let my personal experience aid you in your search, fellow dry-skinned beauty addicts!

Image via Laura Mercier

Image via Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder (P1,650 at Rustan’s)

In The 10 Commandments for Flawless Foundation, I advised against transparent powders because of how difficult it is to master them (and the offshoots of awful flash photography). But hear me out: This type of powder requires but the smallest amount to set makeup! It’s not meant to absorb oil or make the skin matte. Meaning, you shouldn’t use so much that it would start to cake or bring out the dry spots in the first place. This may be the priciest item on this list, but it's a good investment since a little goes a long way.

BYS HD Microfinish Powder (P899 at Watsons)

If you’re on a budget but are looking to score something similar to the Laura Mercier powder on the cheap, BYS has a drugstore alternative for you. The small container already includes a powder puff, so it instantly becomes handier for travel. The puff also serves as a stopper to prevent excess product from making a mess in your kikay kit.

L’Oreal True Match Genius (P600, at local department stores)

For those who don’t mess around with multiple products, the lazy girl’s 4-in-1 powder immediately goes to True Match Genius. It serves as a primer, foundation, concealer, and face powder all in one compact! It comes in a cream-to-powder format, so it’s easier to layer on in areas that need more of it and to go easy on the places that only require a light touch. Again, the key is to apply lightly to prevent a cakey, crusted effect.

Human Nature Mineral Loose Powder (P425 at

Choosing a gentle formula is necessary so as not to aggravate dry spots. A mineral-based loose powder is a popular option for its mild performance on most skin types. This 100% natural lightweight loose powder from local organic brand Human Nature has jojoba oil that moisturizes in addition to setting your makeup. You also get to buy and support Pinoy in the process!

Benefit Agent Zero Shine (P1,600 at Benefit boutiques)

Compact and comes with a small retractable brush, Agent Zero Shine slips into the purse and looks spiffy doing it. This is great for touch-ups on the T-zone as it’s easy to control the amount you’ll dispense for a single use. For those with combination-dry skin, you can leave the blotting paper at home and just tote around this one instead!

Have you had any dry skin troubles with face powder? How do you prevent those scaly patches from showing up?