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What’s the difference between setting powders and finishing powders?

Setting powders and finishing powders - is there actually a difference between the two, or are they just fancy marketing words to make you buy more product? The answer is actually a resounding “yes”! There is a difference between the two but some brands may use the terms interchangeably, so it’s understandably a bit difficult to figure out which is which. Setting powders and finishing powders can be both in loose or in pressed form, can be white-colored or tinted, and typically offer little to no coverage at all. The difference is in how they are used.

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EB Advance Compact Powder: Is this mattifying powder a winner?

'Tis the season to get dolled up! And with all the Christmas parties popping up this holiday season, we don’t want our faces to look as shiny as the lechon on our plates. Getting a good mattifying powder is key to keeping makeup on fleek even if a party lasts all night long. As an oily-skinned gal on a budget, I tend to keep a lookout for products to help me stay matte so I got very excited with the release of Ever Bilena's Advance Supreme Whitening Compact Powder. At just P249 (introductory price), I don’t need to bust my holiday bonus just to get a good mattifying compact powder!

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Clinique Week: Even Better Powder Makeup SPF 25/PA+++

There was a time when flawless makeup involved layers and layers of products on the face. Sure our skin was smothered in all that gunk, but the result looked convincingly pretty enough that we didn't mind. Thanks to technology though we have all these new face bases. They successfully cut down on the amount of liquids and powders that we need to combine to get that naturally gorgeous skin effect. 

One such base is the new Clinique Even Better Powder Makeup SPF 25/PA+++ (P1,950). This is a light to medium coverage powder foundation that promises  luminous, porcelain-like radiance that would give the skin a youthful look. That's a lot to promise, but I believe it delivers! I only wish it offers better staying power for long-haul days, but to its credit it's also a great retouch powder due to its super smooth, satiny texture.

That texture is really something. It's so fine that according to Clinique's Marketing Manager, they weren't able to stamp the logo on the surface of the powder! You'll notice that other Clinique compacts have that ubiquitous stamp. Even Better doesn't have that because it falls apart. To the touch, it feels creamy, almost (though not quite) liquid. It applies as a powder.


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Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact

I initially wanted to include my review of this powder compact along with its soul mate, the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, but I thought it deserved a separate post on its own. It is A Really Good Powder, after all, one that I've been using ever since I got it!

Truth be told I was initially excited and then intimidated about the SPF50 the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact has. Would it be too white? Higher SPF products usually have more titanium dioxide in them, a minerally-derived substance that's responsible for the white cast in photos (or even in plain sight).

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Tony Moly Dear Me Petit Cotton Pact

I planned to talk about the Dear Me BB Cream and the powder Pact in one post, but it's too long and I have too many pictures. So I decided to do it in two parts! This time, I'll be reviewing the Tony Moly Dear Me Petit Cotton Pact (P348).

This powder compact is pretty nice since it blots oil without giving any coverage. If you love the Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover but found it too expensive or too matte, this compact by Tony Moly is a great substitute.

What I like about the product

  • Very soft, satiny texture. The powder is well-milled and not chalky at all! The texture sort of reminds me of the waaay expensive Guerlain Meteorites.
  • This translucent powder has no coverage, which makes it perfect for retouching. It can work with any skintone.
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