Health-conscious? Try these local beauty brands!

The healthy living movement, in many ways, is the ultimate proof that consumers are more educated now. They know what's good for their bodies as well as the things they should avoid. With the current health kick, even the beauty industry is not far behind! A host of local beauty brands are specializing in natural products for those who want to stick to a more wholesome routine. Here’s your chance to buy Pinoy and treat yourself to a healthful beauty experience!

Zenutrients | Buy here

Necessity is the mother of invention. Zenutrients started with a search for a natural skin care treatment for psoriasis. Virgin coconut oil (VCO) turned out to be the winning solution, and they've been developing VCO-based skincare products ever since. The company eventually expanded into a wide range of face care, hair care, and body care items that address various concerns ranging from whitening the skin to soothing tired muscles!

Best-sellers include the Gugo hair-strengthening line (shampoo, conditioner, and serum) as well as the Ginger Rx, a departure from the usual eucalyptus-mint balms but just as effective in relaxing those exhausted muscles. Zenutrients is available at most malls, and you can also visit their factory-slash-flagship store in Kapitolyo, Pasig to watch how some of their products are made.

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Ilog Maria | Buy here

It’s all about being bee-autiful for Ilog Maria, a honeybee farm in Cavite that manufactures natural health and beauty products using bee-derived ingredients. Their setup is pretty cozy - the bee farm allows for self-guided or group tours, and you can even avail of their bee sting therapy free of charge! For those who don’t want to go the extreme route with the bees, you can just enjoy lotions, lip balms, and moisturizers containing honey, propolis, and royal jelly. Since honey has natural antibacterial and moisturizing properties, it has become a versatile ingredient to skincare products in addition to adding a healthier form of sweetness to food and drink.

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Even Hollywood celebrities are catching on this homegrown organic brand! During Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale’s trip to the Philippines, it was reported that she stopped over at Echo Store (the best place to score Ilog Maria and other organic finds in Manila!) and got herself a bottle of the Royal Jelly Honeymilk Lotion.

Human Heart Nature | Buy here

Bet you’ve seen Human Heart Nature products in the supermarket, Beauty Bar, and/or from direct selling channels. The brand has a lot of exposure in the market, and quite a long list of natural products that cover anything from feminine hygiene to dishwashing soap. Moreover, their goods are cruelty-free, so animal-lovers can slather away with a clear conscience.

Their mineral makeup line immediately makes Human Heart Nature distinct from the other natural beauty brands. The Mineral Color Creme Lipstick, for instance, is 100% natural and has a luxe look and feel.

Nekkid Manila | Buy here

The name sounds cheeky, but the message certainly gets across! Nekkid Manila is the brainchild of makeup artist and beauty blogger, Sabs Dy-Liacco, who created the line with simplified ingredients in mind. A self-confessed scrub fan, she wanted the composition of her bath products to be short and readable rather than a long jumble of unpronounceable ingredients. With that in mind, the Nekkid line of scrubs, soaps, body moisturizers, and other skin treats was developed to be paraben- and additive-free as well as vegan-friendly and gluten-free. There are raves in the blogosphere about their Whipped Body Butters and Cleansing Cream. Their fragrances are also a must-try!

Currently, Nekkid Manila products are only available for purchase online.

Casa de Lorenzo | Buy here

You no longer have to check imported brands or spend a lot to get some castile soaps into your cleansing routine. Casa de Lorenzo is a home-grown brand that makes gentle plant oil-derived cleansers from locally sourced ingredients and fragrant essential oils. They’ve skipped the preservatives, additives, thickening agents and even chemical fragrances in order to strip it down to the basics, but you still get the satisfying lather and clean feeling afterwards.

Casa de Lorenzo castile soaps can be purchased from their website and

Were you aware of just how many local beauty brands are emphasizing a health-conscious approach with their products? It was a pleasant surprise for me, but the discovery has exposed me to even more brands that I can’t wait to get my hands on!