Organic Beauty Week: Zenutrients body care and wellness solutions

Zenutrients is not your typical beauty brand. Aside from hair care and body care products, Zenutrients has these nifty troubleshooters that can get hasten the relief of headaches, body pain, skin irritations, and insect bites, among other things. 

Health and wellness is at the core of the brand. The ingredients are herbal in nature, with a local heart. Think virgin coconut oil, gugo, ginger, and essential oils!

I have a couple of body care and ginger-infused balms from Zenutrients and I really enjoyed using them. ^_^ Let's start with the Zenutrients Organic Opaque Herbal Soap in Blueberry, Vanilla, Milk & Caramel. I don't have the price right now but it should be around P100 to P150. This is a yummy smelling soap that lathers wonderfully. It doesn't dry my skin too, which is always a good thing to have in any soap.


My bathroom always smells good when I use this! Downside though, this runs out easily. It becomes gooey quickly too so you need to cut the soap up in segments before your first use.

The Zenutrients Face & Body Bath Gel also smells scrumptious. It has that strong vanilla note, but you can sniff the melon in the sidelines. It's a typical shower gel - it lathers well, doesn't dry skin, and doesn't leave any residue.

We're getting to the good stuff! When I was very young, I hated ginger. Wouldn't eat it or touch the thing. But now I'm all grown up I LOVE the stuff! I eat it and drink it whenever I have the chance! I'm a strong believer in the restorative power of ginger.

So, I'm really happy that I got this Zenutrients Ginger Rx (P225) oil thingy from an acquaintance. I like using this on the nape of my neck when I feel stressed or tired, or on my temples when I have a minor headache. It's also a nice soothing oil on the chest!

It has a balm version (P225), which I prefer to use on stiff, sore, or overly stretched muscles. You know how sometimes your joints feel cold inside? I just massage this on the area for a few minutes and the coldness is dispelled. ^_^ Super useful!

I know this is a beauty blog but every girl needs some quick Heal HP potions in her purse or desk. Haha. Try Zenutrients, the products work well, they're super affordable, and they use ingredients that do help the skin somehow.

You can find Zenutrients in the following locations (click)

You can purchase some handpicked Zenutrients stuff online at Seek The Uniq, too.