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How to stay summer fresh with bath and body essentials from Zenutrients

Metro Manila heaves a collective sigh of relief now that water service has resumed to all areas! Apart from the obvious sanitation issues, having no or very limited access to water was especially tortuous since we’re officially in the hot and sunny season. A daily shower is non-negotiable for us Filipinos, and it’s not uncommon for many to bathe twice a day during summer. It’s refreshing and necessary for removing all the dirt and pollution that sticks to our bodies, but have you ever wondered how it affects the health of your skin?

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Organic Beauty Week: Zenutrients body care and wellness solutions

Zenutrients is not your typical beauty brand. Aside from hair care and body care products, Zenutrients has these nifty troubleshooters that can get hasten the relief of headaches, body pain, skin irritations, and insect bites, among other things. 

Health and wellness is at the core of the brand. The ingredients are herbal in nature, with a local heart. Think virgin coconut oil, gugo, ginger, and essential oils!

I have a couple of body care and ginger-infused balms from Zenutrients and I really enjoyed using them. ^_^ Let's start with the Zenutrients Organic Opaque Herbal Soap in Blueberry, Vanilla, Milk & Caramel. I don't have the price right now but it should be around P100 to P150. This is a yummy smelling soap that lathers wonderfully. It doesn't dry my skin too, which is always a good thing to have in any soap.


My bathroom always smells good when I use this! Downside though, this runs out easily. It becomes gooey quickly too so you need to cut the soap up in segments before your first use.

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Watsons star: The H Bella Bath and Body Care Line

A majority of Filipinas may be hesitant when it comes to makeup, but you can bet that we loooove our bath and body products. Actually we just love our baths, period. We're no Frenchmen.

It's no wonder that aisles and aisles of drugstores and supermarkets are dedicated just for the riot of body care products. There's always something new, something exciting to buy and try! One of them is Watsons' latest bath and body care line called H Bella.

It's a pretty solid collection. I tried everything and all of them met my criteria for body products - they're light, non-sticky, not scratchy at all, and most importantly, they smell great. Here's my quick review of each product in the line:

Protect & Nourish Hand Cream. It's very light and gets absorbed by my skin quickly. Do you hate the greasy feeling of hand lotions? Do you hate how they turn greasy again after you wet your hands? This is not one of those hand creams. 

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Skin Cravings: Smooth Over Body Lotion and Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub

You know, I just realized that I don't use any food-themed skincare product in my daily routine. It's really more of a personal preference since I enjoy florals and fresh scents more than those resembling food. 

However, I do like Inovitelle's latest skincare line called Skin Cravings. It features the Smooth Over Body Lotion (P240) and Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub (P255) in two flavors each. I enjoy using the scrub because it's not drying, while the lotion absorbs in the skin immediately.

What I love about the Scrub Me Pretty Body Scrub:

  • The smell! It's not too strong and doesn't have that fake chemical odor. All variants smell exactly as they promised: Cranberry Yogurt, Dewberry Yogurt, and Strawberry Yogurt.
  • The scrub beads are not abrasive on skin. It cleans very well nonetheless.

  • After scrubbing, the skin doesn't feel raw and dry.
  • Package design! I love the milk bottle concept, plus the image layouting. Tres cute.
  • Price is very friendly. Only P255 a bottle which should be good for at least 5 uses, depending on the amount you use.

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