A new bath fave that saves my day: The Bare Body Wash

I take two kinds of baths: one where I rush to be as clean as possible, and one where I heal from the stresses of the world. Running a company is no walk in the park. When it gets to be too much, I put on my favorite acoustic music, heat up my fave essential oils (tangerine and orange blossom!), and take a long, hot shower with great-smelling bath products.

Lately I've been favoring the Bare Body Wash (P475 for 500ml) as it has a unique proposition: Bare offers five variants that can be mixed together to create your own custom scent. I have three with me here that I've been combining together for a more spa-like bath experience! If you're tired of the usual floral and fruity affairs in the bathroom, you've got to try these out. Bare only uses premium oils which is why each body wash has such a sophisticated, realistic scent.

Bergamot & Geranium is a green, woodsy scent with a touch of florals. Peppermint is exactly how it should smell like - minty and refreshing, but not irritatingly so. This is a crowd fave! Green Tea however is my top pick. It smells exactly like fresh tea leaves and not the watered-down kind you'd sniff from other brands. I LOVE IT. It feel that it's such an energizing scent and I adore how my bathroom smells like tea after washing.

These body washes can be used alone or all together, depending on your mood. My fave combo is Green Tea and Peppermint when I want to perk up my day. Bergamot & Geranium mixed with a few pumps of Green Tea transports me to an earthy, green garden that relaxes the mind.

The single-note formula is such that it's easy to mix the different variants together. The clear gel suds up in a thick foam that cleanses skin thoroughly without making it dry.

And that is that! If you're liking the smell of these, come drop by your favorite Beauty Bar store to get your new Bare faves. They also have Body Lotion, Shampoos, and Conditioners that can also be mixed together. <3 Let me know what your fave custom scents are!

Bare is available at Beauty Bar. You may find them on Facebook and Instagram.