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Beauty Roundup: Game of Thrones makeup, K-Palette’s lip tint, and a Sunnies Face expansion

Can you feel the heat?! March may have just begun but summer’s definitely here! With the rising temperatures and scorching sun, we can’t help but feel the need to head to a beach and take a break. But in case you can’t just hop in a car and go for a quick getaway, this week’s beauty roundup may just be the iced tea you need. We’re spotted Patrick Ta’s makeup line, a new Sunnies Face in Cebu, and a makeup collection inspired by the biggest show on TV. Happy reading!

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Beauty Roundup: Beauty Bar’s big sale, a pretty Posh take, and the new NAKED Palette

Thank goodness it’s the weekend! Finally, another work week is over and we can now sit back in our jammies, sip some coffee, and get our beauty fix on! This V-week we’ve got the lowdown on Urban Decay’s newest NAKED palette (it’s beautiful), Too Faced’s skincare line, Beauty Bar’s big sale (who’s ready to shop?!), and a couple of new celebrity beauty lines in the works.

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A throwback to the 90s with Claudia Schiffer’s makeup line, now in the PH

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has had a lot of time to ruminate on her makeup collection – she was the 90’s It Girl and has had a very active three-decade old career. That’s countless years spent having makeup done on herself, so who better to create a line than the woman who has served as the muse of countless photographers and fashion designers?

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What you need to know about Taiwanese skincare brand 23.5°N

We regularly feature a lot of Japanese, Korean, and of course, local beauty products here on PV. Personally, those are the ones that excite me the most! Asian Beauty (or AB) has been growing in popularity because, well, there are so many affordable yet effective product options. I also feel they are better suited to the needs of Asian skin, with formulations that are often lightweight and designed to be layered on top of each other.

I’ve tried and enjoyed picks from Japanese, Korean, and Pinoy brands but I couldn’t help but get curious when I learned that Taiwanese beauty was going to be the next big thing.

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Beauty Roundup: Happy Skin’s Gel Polishes, Clinique x Pony, and a new Jo Malone line

Hey, PV girls! What’s good? Let me give you a run down of what’s been happening in the beauty world. One of your favorite local brands has now come out with a line of gel nail polishes (I know, I know- try to breathe), Pink Sugar released two new shades of their well-loved Sugar Tints, and Beautyblender is getting very millennial! Sponges and nails not your thing? Well, Colourpop is collaborating with a gorgeous celebrity model (for the third time), Clinique is now working with our fave K-Beauty star,  and Jo Malone just launched a new collection. Interested yet? Read on!

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