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How to stay summer fresh with bath and body essentials from Zenutrients

Metro Manila heaves a collective sigh of relief now that water service has resumed to all areas! Apart from the obvious sanitation issues, having no or very limited access to water was especially tortuous since we’re officially in the hot and sunny season. A daily shower is non-negotiable for us Filipinos, and it’s not uncommon for many to bathe twice a day during summer. It’s refreshing and necessary for removing all the dirt and pollution that sticks to our bodies, but have you ever wondered how it affects the health of your skin?

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Skincare Week: The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel

I've read someone describe herself as a "shower gel whore". It just means that she has no loyalty whatsoever to any particular body wash, which made me think, am I like that too? A quick scan of my bathroom will show maybe five or seven different kinds of washes, but the truth is I really only use one regularly. Two, but only when I feel adventurous. :P I'm definitely up to try anything I receive as a gift, but I will only buy my favorite.

These past couple of months, it's been theThe Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel. I LOVE THAT STUFF SO MUCH. It gets me in such a good mood every time I use it, and my place smells fabulous afterwards. It's definitely high up in my repurchase list!

Still, I was pretty psyched to receive The Body Shop's Olive Shower Gel (price to be updated). This surprisingly smells fantastic as well - it has an energizing, sharp scent that makes me feel charged in the morning. It's not olive-y at all, more like a green acqua with some florals thrown in. 

Other than the invigorating scents, I love The Body Shop's shower gels because they don't dry out my skin.

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Current fave: The Body Shop Honeymania Collection

I felt like a bee drawn to honey when I opened the latest package from The Body Shop just the other day. The smell was so intoxicating, so sweet, so yummy - I just had to use the new Honeymania products immediately! This new collection includes the Body Butter, Lip Balm, Soap, Shower Gel, and Eau de Toilette. I suggest you get everything if you like to layer and intensify scents.

The Honeymania fragrance isn't your traditional syrupy honey; it's actually quite floral, since the bee-goop was supposed to be harvested from wildflowers in Ethiopia. The honey is just the base here and not the main note of the fragrance. It's not at all what I expected but I love it!

On to the products. The Honeymania Shower Gel is my top pick because it makes my bathroom smell like a sweet floral paradise. I also like that it lathers easily and thickly, without me having to use too much in one wash. It's also non-drying on my skin even though it's a gel.

Instant bathroom freshener

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Organic Beauty Week: Zenutrients body care and wellness solutions

Zenutrients is not your typical beauty brand. Aside from hair care and body care products, Zenutrients has these nifty troubleshooters that can get hasten the relief of headaches, body pain, skin irritations, and insect bites, among other things. 

Health and wellness is at the core of the brand. The ingredients are herbal in nature, with a local heart. Think virgin coconut oil, gugo, ginger, and essential oils!

I have a couple of body care and ginger-infused balms from Zenutrients and I really enjoyed using them. ^_^ Let's start with the Zenutrients Organic Opaque Herbal Soap in Blueberry, Vanilla, Milk & Caramel. I don't have the price right now but it should be around P100 to P150. This is a yummy smelling soap that lathers wonderfully. It doesn't dry my skin too, which is always a good thing to have in any soap.


My bathroom always smells good when I use this! Downside though, this runs out easily. It becomes gooey quickly too so you need to cut the soap up in segments before your first use.

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Watsons GrapeBella Range

If you've visited a Watsons lately you have probably seen this suavely packaged line - the GrapeBella range. They come is sophisticated-looking, dark purple bottles that really catch and hold your attention if only to make you intrigued about what they are. If you didn't know better, you'd think you're looking at bottles of fine wines!

IMG_9716 by project_vanity.

The Watsons GrapeBella product range is the latest innovation from Watsons, which provides a total solution for perfect skin. Truly, it is the new secret to a more youthful beauty.

It has been proven by scientific researches that grapes have antioxidant benefits to provide nourishment to the skin to keep it soft and smooth. 

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