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Call This An Intervention: Eight things to do when you have too much makeup

Wait, can you actually have too much makeup? Sadly, the truth holds still: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you’re having trouble keeping your stash properly stored or even just choosing which products to use, maybe it’s time to admit that your collection has gotten out of hand. Regain control, maximize your stash, and free up some space (for new stuff *wink wink*) with these top tips!

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How to keep your brushes in good shape

You can use good quality brushes for half a decade or more if you take care of them well. They should even be able to withstand a level of abuse, because that's why you're paying so much for them to begin with! But no matter how expensive or cheap your brushes are, you'll notice that some of them will start to have fly-away bristles after frequent cleaning. How do you prevent this?

Simple! Just use a brush guard. :) It's basically a fine plastic net that you place on top of your brushes while you're drying them. It keeps all the bristles in good shape while still allowing them to dry properly. I'm sure you've heard of this before, but you probably think it's something you can live without. Well, yeah you can, but your brushes need one!

The one I have is called the Charm Makeup Brush Guard (P250). It contains twelve pieces of brush guards - in different sizes but any size can fit even the biggest face brush. You can even cut them up to use with your smaller eye brushes. 

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Storage idea: Headband jar or bottle

Hi girls! I just want to share a neat idea I got off a craft blog. It's so mindblowingly simple that I should have thought of this sooner.

Ta dah! Basically, it's a way to store your headbands so you can see them all in one place, sitting pretty. You should use a jar if you have more headbands, but since this Starbucks bottle is what I have on hand...yeah.

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Guilty pleasures

I love dainty containers, boxes, and paper bags. I used to collect paper bags from the stores I shopped in, then eventually from the brands who sent me their wares, but I had to throw them out since space is precious. I would keep special boxes though (like from Pond's - they pack stuff in the best, beribboned boxes!) and some paper bags that I know I won't easily come across. I also keep some pretty boxes that come with makeup.

Small pouches and containers are also a secret addiction. I have quite a lot lying around in the condo because I just can't bear to throw them away! What if I need them someday? I do use them someday, eventually. Other people would call it recycling but I'd call it hoarding.

Anyway, I'd like to show you one of my favorite containers. This one is pretty special to me because I bought it in Boracay. I haven't seen it around in Manila so maybe it's not one of those mass-produced things. In any case the shell is real and not plastic, making me feel like it would bear pearls whenever I hold it. Oh day dreams.

I thought it would be a nice accessory keeper so I stuffed all my Avon accessories from their summer collection (launched last March).

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