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From P100 to P6,500: Where to get makeup organizers that fit your budget

Next to using makeup, shopping for makeup is one of our favorite things to do! The thing is, getting new haul every so often can mean having a messy pile of makeup that makes circulating through your collection a huge challenge. Our editor-in-chief Liz has previously shared how she organizes her makeup but apart from knowing when and how to declutter, having the right tools in the form of makeup storage options can help get the job done! They keep your stuff in order and looking neat, not to mention protecting them dust and dirt.

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Call This An Intervention: Eight things to do when you have too much makeup

Wait, can you actually have too much makeup? Sadly, the truth holds still: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you’re having trouble keeping your stash properly stored or even just choosing which products to use, maybe it’s time to admit that your collection has gotten out of hand. Regain control, maximize your stash, and free up some space (for new stuff *wink wink*) with these top tips!

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New digs (for my cosmetics)

Remember this mess from a couple of weeks ago? I finally fixed it! There was simply too much stuff that I was already losing them and forgetting what I need to use for the next reviews. -_- So, I bought this plastic drawer from SM for only P430+ and finally unclogged the top part of my dresser.

So from that awful jumble, my makeup storage area now looks like this! #proud

Hmm okay maybe it's not super neat but it's certainly neater! I wanted all my face and eye makeup on top because these are what I always use before I leave the house.

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Three things that are cute but unnecessary to have

I saw a quote earlier today that went something like, "Creativity changes the way people behave". I believe this. Creativity has a role in functionality, but creativity for the sake of it is also powerful. A pretty picture, for example, has no practical use except for the emotions or ideas that it evokes in the observer. It can change how a person looks at the world and that's a damn amazing thing, if you ask me.

I think it's the same for beauty products that are nice to have but are not necessary to keep. Why make them if only a few people can truly appreciate them? I somewhat answered this in an old post. An object, however useless it may seem, can make a person feel cuter, refined, more put together. If something can do any of these things then I wouldn't call it useless!

I scoured through my photo archives and found three products that are nice but unnecesary to have. Of course, this list is subjective, so what might not be super useful to me might be useful for you. Have at it!

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Boudoir conclusion

Okay so remember my attempt at organizing my dresser? I thought it was okay to have everything generally grouped together and lying around in no particular order. Like I said, I'm not the kind of person who puts things back in place everytime they're used. But after living with my "organizing" efforts for a few days, I realized that it's a failure! I didn't know where my things were half the time. I forget the stuff that I actually have since a lot were buried underneath the ones I've been picking up of late.

Upon your suggestion, I decided to hit the mall for some cases and here's what I found:

These are stackable containers from the Mall of Asia department store. I'm sure they can also be found in places like Saizen, and, well, pretty much everywhere else. They're only P99 each so I got four. And now, my dresser, which looked like this:

Now looks like this!


I am rather proud of this achievement. :P It took me a couple of hours to weed out stuff that I won't use often so that everything will fit, then I arranged everything in place.

Here's how I did it!

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Boudoir dilemma

This morning I attempted to re-organize my dresser. "Attempted" is the operative word here. It still looks rather messy but as far as I'm concerned everything is where I want them to be. Hehe.

I just re-used some boxes but I will probably buy proper containers in the near future. Or not. I love the idea of recycling even if the end result doesn't look as pretty or as neat as new things. But I also love the idea of having clear storage boxes with sections. Ugh. I don't know! What do you think?

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