Storage idea: Headband jar or bottle

Hi girls! I just want to share a neat idea I got off a craft blog. It's so mindblowingly simple that I should have thought of this sooner.

Ta dah! Basically, it's a way to store your headbands so you can see them all in one place, sitting pretty. You should use a jar if you have more headbands, but since this Starbucks bottle is what I have on hand...yeah. I don't have that many headbands anyway. I plan to fill it with those decorative glass pebbles so that it won't topple when I place more stuff in it.

If you want something more personalized, you can glue strips of lace, cloth, or paper on the bottle/jar. The final product (with the headbands) should make a cute accent in your room!

In case you're wondering, those headbands are from Pinkbox. :) I think most of them are under P150.

So there you go! Hope you found this useful! If you ever get around to trying it, send me a pic. ;)