Wild Peach Cosmetics Customizable Palette

Have you tried customizable palettes yet? They're a pretty cool tool for keeping your makeup in one place where you can see them. If you like to collect, I'm sure you know how it can be difficult to remember the stuff you actually have! Customized palettes are also useful to people who like to travel light, without the uneccessary clutter of bulky compacts.

Now there's a few of them special palettes floating around already, but I'd like to present a local and affordable brand: Wild Peach Cosmetics.

Magnetic palettes like this usually cost P500 to P900 a pop, but Wild Peach sells them at P280 (small) and P550 (large). That's quite a price cut from the competition, ha. I thought it would be flimsy when I found out! But contrary to my low expectations, WP palettes are excellently made with a little bit of heft. The cardboard material feels thick and sturdy, while the matte finish is quite classy in person (there's also a glossy finish but why bother haha).

Here's the small sized version in action. I have the large but I haven't photographed it yet! I'll blog about it when I've filled it up.

It has a nice big mirror on the top part :D

Each palette has a magnetic base where you can just place your metal pans - no need to use magnets or adhesives. If you have plastic pans, you can use the adhesive magnet that comes with the palette. I find that the metal stays stuck even if you turn the case upside down and shake it up hence, security check - pass!

I placed some Suesh eyeshadows that I purchased for only P90 a piece. I KNOW RIGHT. I just about went crazy when I saw the display, there were so many colors! The quality is pretty good too considering. I will make a separate review, but if you wish to check it out I got mine at the Suesh showroom in Market Market.

Aside from eyeshadows, you can also place foundation refills, concealer pans, blushes, and even travel brushes. The well is deep so you can also fit in those domed baked makeup. :)

Photo from Wild Peach

Love this stuff! If you're an organization nut, haphazard makeup collector, and/or makeup artist, you'll definitely need one or three of these Wild Peach Cosmetics Palettes. Check the other designs too! You can follow Wild Peach on Facebook or find purchase information here.