Five local beauty bloggers who I wish won't quit

Established beauty bloggers like myself have many incentives to blog. The passion for the niche is a given already because it's difficult to go far as a blogger without it; I mean, imagine all the time, money, and research that have gone into building a website worth reading and coming back to! We may have started our blogs casually, as a hobby, but maintaining it takes dedication.

I wouldn't call it an investment because when we started we expected very little from this (ad)venture. Nonetheless, our efforts are - whether we like to be coy about it or not - being rewarded handsomely.

We get freebies and invitations to fun parties. More importantly, I think, we're part of a close-knit community that you would be surprised to know isn't competitive. These are some of the things that motivate us to blog regularly, to come up with interesting free content for our readers. But. How about new beauty bloggers who are largely ignored by brands and the community? Being just one of hundreds of new bloggers in the niche, how could they hope to keep their blog going?

And why should we care?

I love reading blogs, I can't say that enough. I get a lot of my beauty information and ideas from other blogs. Like, what are people buying, loving, hating, and learning? I am able to synthesize all that into the content I produce for Project Vanity. I don't live in a vacuum so I try to explore as much as possible if time permits!

I read established blogs, of course, but I particularly enjoy newer bloggers. Yes even the ones with crooked grammar and blurry pictures. Why? Because they're not yet jaded ("I've seen all this before" - I get like this sometimes) and every new thing is a personal discovery. But it is terribly difficult to maintain a blog. A lot of them just quit when they've lost interest in beauty stuff, become too busy, or just don't see the point of blogging anymore when no one reads them.

I feel sad when some of my favorite bloggers stop. Hence, I decided to sneakily put pressure on some of my current favorite new(ish) bloggers! I regularly read these women because they're great writers and come out with fab finds. I enjoy reading their blogs and I hope hope hope they don't stop any time soon. 

Here's my list!

Vain Jane Writes. I've been reading Krysty even before she applied to be one of the writers for a beauty and fashion section I edited about two years ago. (Whew run-on sentence!) When I saw her resume I was like, damn! I'm so lucky! She stopped blogging for a while before so I was bummed about that, but at least I had her churning out excellent content for my section.

Anyway! I love her blog precisely because she is an amazing writer. The way she writes about makeup is quite witty and at times funnily sardonic. Her finds are also nicely curated too. :) You must read her posts On Makeup and Self-Esteem and 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy That Expensive Lipstick.


Eula Sleeps. I chanced by Eula's blog because I saw that she linked to me. I've even met her once (unlike Krysty - hoy magpakita ka sa Sabado!) and she's so cool! I love her beautiful blog lay out, photos, and the precise way in which she reviews products. She's also a crafter so she posts about the things she makes and cute stuff she finds. Read her 5 Skincare Mistakes I Didn't Know I Was Making!

Softly Sometimes. I found Carina via Krysty. Her beautiful photos and elegant writing hooked me in. She has a makeup collection that makes me positively green with envy! I love her hauls. Admit it, it's fun to see what other people gifted themselves with. ;)

Did I already say Carina takes beautiful photos? 

The Beauty Bee. Mariana is so pretty it hurts. Lol. I enjoy her swatches and finds that range from luxe to drugstore. Because of her, I am mooning over the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows.

Dalaga Project. I saw this blog just yesterday, actually, and I've finished reading it already! Bea cracks me up! I love the looks she comes up with - fairly easy to do yet striking on Asian features. She's morena so if you're looking for beauty suggestions along those lines, she ought to be your go-to!

So there. Girls, don't stop. I would (figuratively) die if you do! To all the readers out there, hope you could drop by the blogs and show them some love. They are amazing. :D If you have your own personal favorites do share them here to so we could visit!