Battle of the Kikay Kits

As you read this, I am on a plane to Tokyo. The place is probably the greatest love of my young life so far and I am eager to continue the romance where we left off last November! Flowery words. I hope there are still some cherry blossoms in the parks, because they're the main reason I planned this trip. I doubt I'll see more than a few wilted ones this late, but I don't mind - there's always next year!

Sooooo anyway I thought I'd share with you my favorite ever kikay kits. These pouches are with me when I travel because they're stylish, roomy but compact, and are specifically designed to fit makeup. Here they are and why I love them!


This Ellana Cosmetic Bag (P213) is my top pick because it's perfect. It fits a full face of makeup while still keeping the boxy shape, plus it has lots of compartments for the OC organizer in you. I brought this with me to Tokyo last autumn, and in recent months it has also double-timed as a pencil case. Haha. Stocks are already super limited though so better hurry if you want it. ;)


Next up, the new pouch from Happy Skin! I got this from their summer launch event, but you can actually purchase this for only P499 at Plains & Prints. If you don't want to buy it it's a GWP for every P3,500 Happy Skin purchase at Rustan's and Beauty Bar.


Anyhoo this is great for keeping skincare (in a ziplock of course) and makeup in one kit. It also has a boxy shape so it's easier to fit in a suitcase, although it's not something you'd want to put in your hand/shoulder bag on a regular basis. That is unless you like bringing a lot of stuff wherever you go.



Oooh this is a cute one from Benefit Cosmetics. I'm not sure about the availability of this particular pouch, but it is most likely a GWP. Best to ask your favorite Benefit counter! I brought this with me to El Nido to store my hair care and skincare. It's ultra light and slim, and has a pocket inside. 



I got this gorgeous Pond's case last year in an event so I doubt they sell this. Sorry! Thought it'd still be worth showing off though, as it's the only kit I have that has a full mirror! So handy when I need to apply quite a bit of makeup outside. It's rather bulky but I brought it with me to Hong Kong anyway.


Last but not the least, this pouch from Rustan's. It's simple but I love that I can immediately see what's inside! It's also great for keeping skincare, shampoo, and other liquids since it's plastic. I got this a couple of years back but I'm sure Rustan's has some variation of this available in their stores. Check Essences branches!


So there you go. Who do you think is the winning Kikay Kit in this round? :P Also, where did you get your cosmetics bag and why do you love it?