My top 10 favorite finds last March

March was a slow month for beauty products, probably because it's that odd time when our routine transitions to summer. I didn't have as many reviews as I usually do because I spent that time trying many of the things I received a month before...huh. I need to work on my pace because I don't want to be too late when I publish something! Late being the product is no longer available for sale!

Anyhoo, here are my top 10 best finds last March.

The Clinique Chubby Stick Intense is finally out! I have Mightiest Maraschino, a bright tomato red that feels absolutely lush on the lips. It stays on, moisturizes, and flatters. What more can you ask from a lip color? Definitely grabbing a shade or two.

The BYS Brow & Eye Pencil in Blonde is a good drugstore find. It's a soft, waxy brow pencil that has a dual purpose of shading and taming the eyebrows. I wish I got the darker color, but as it is Blonde looks okay on my brows. Can't complain when it's only P250!

Ah, and here's another drugstore favorite - the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Red Revival. It's a rich, slightly deep red that stands out in a crowd. I love the pigmentation, fairly thin texture, and how affordable it is.  Dare I say that Red Revival is simiar to MAC Russian Red. ;)

I didn't like the MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy the first few times I wore it. It was too blonde, too goopy. Eventually I learned that it's best over some sort of dark base. It sort of "highlights" your brow hair and gives your precious arches more body and definition. It's a quick way to lighten your eyebrows, super useful if you like dyeing your hair!

The first Majolica Majorca mascara I tried was Lash Expander, and I liked it so much that I kept it 'till its last legs. The formula has now been discontinued...and replaced with something better! The Majolica Majorca Edge Meister lengthens lashes like no other. It is a bit more volumizing than the original one - always a good thing to have fatter lashes, luvs!

Have you already grabbed a Wild Peach Cosmetics Customizable Palette? No? DO IT. Haha. This is a great and affordable way to store those eyeshadow/blush singles that just lie around, useless. A small one (above) is only P280 while the large is just P550. I just realized, you can also put small detail eye brushes inside if you don't like storing them in a soft case.

Here's another new favorite from Clinique! Clinique Happy In Bloom is officially my summer scent. It's so light, airy, cool, feminine - just what I need this summer. It lingers softly throughout the day, flitting just outside my consciousness. Now I know why Clinique Happy is so popular.

Can't rave enough about the MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion. This is super lightweight, smells great (like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea to be specific), and makes my skin so soft. It's only P130 at drugstores so you better hoard when you get the chance. ;)

The Kérastase Cristalliste Shampoo is so expensive but sooo good. It makes my leftover highlights come back to life, and clears up product build-up in no time. :) It's about P1,200 for a 250ml bottle. Not that expensive when you think about it naman considering you only need a little per use!

A not-so-secret great find is Wink Laser & Wax Studio. The place is beautiful and the prices are pretty affordable considering its right in the middle of Bonifacio High Street Central. Service-wise, the staff are polite, discreet, and carefully trained. Still, they just opened last December so expect to work through a few kinks just in case. Visit soon!

And that's it. Any great finds from your side last March?