Capsule reviews: Majolica Majorca Secret Blink Collection

It feels only yesterday when Majolica Majorca arrived in the Philippines, but did you know that it's been here for two years now? So much kawaii cuteness has been unleashed in that short amount of time! There's always something new to collect every quarter. ;) Now that the Japanese brand is celebrating its 10th year this 2013, expect even more covetable items than usual. 

Majolica Majorca has recently released its Spring Collection for 2013. Named Secret Blink, it's all about giving in to the whispers of your heart, of bold secrets that you can't dare speak of. Majo has always been an incurable romantic when it comes to its collections and that won't be changing anytime soon! Secret Blink features a limited edition rose gold case for the Skin Remaker, a Majoromantica scent, lash conditioner, new mascara, and a collectible palette.

I have three items from the collection, so here are quick reviews and swatches for you!

The Lash Expander was the first item I tried from Majolica Majorca, before the brand arrived here. I loved it because it lengthened my lashes and didn't smudge at all. This 2013, the Lash Expander shall be phased out and replaced with the improved Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister (P795). It's a fiber mascara with a comb applicator, much like LE, but it offers a little more volume than the original. It lengthens pretty well, too!

The lower comb now has steeper serrations than the original

It looks challenging to apply but it's not that difficult once you get the hang of it. Just comb upwards and layer until you're satisfied with the length!

Next up is the The Little Hummingbook I (P995). This small palette-cum-booklet actually has a music score within the pages, so you can play that if you know how! It also contains four colors - two eyeshadows, one eyeshadow base, and a gloss. 

The two eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful and has an interesting texture. Flower Dust is a frosty white shade with iridescent pink shimmer that looks great on the inner corners or on top of your lid wash. Green Shower is quite the shimmery mint - really nice as a wash for spring. :)

The eyeshadows have a sort of creamy feel, but they turn to powder once applied on skin. They work best with a flat animal hair or synthetic brush versus the fluffy one more commonly used with eyeshadows.

Moonless Night is supposedly an eyeshadow base. It's a bit confusing to me, but it does look like a nice base for smoky eyes. Tulip Bed is a sheer pink gloss better worn on top of a solid color than by itself.

Flower Dust, Green Shower, Moonless Night, Tulip Bed

Swatch of Tulip Bed. It's sheer and can wash out your skintone so wear something underneath. :)

This photo again! Wore Green Shower as a lid wash, Flower Dust on the inner corners, and Moonless Night on lower lid

My Secret Blink look ;)

Last but not the least, here's the new Majolica Majorca Lash Jelly Drop (P495). It's a lash conditioning gel with a jelly applicator - quite cute. It's clear, but it does make lashes look shiny in a jiffy. Nice to wear if you already have fabulous lashes and just need a bit of gloss and moisture. :) You can use it before mascara but it's not recommended as a leave-on treatment.

So there you go! Did anything catch your fancy? ;)