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Capsule reviews: Majolica Majorca Secret Blink Collection

It feels only yesterday when Majolica Majorca arrived in the Philippines, but did you know that it's been here for two years now? So much kawaii cuteness has been unleashed in that short amount of time! There's always something new to collect every quarter. ;) Now that the Japanese brand is celebrating its 10th year this 2013, expect even more covetable items than usual. 

Majolica Majorca has recently released its Spring Collection for 2013. Named Secret Blink, it's all about giving in to the whispers of your heart, of bold secrets that you can't dare speak of. Majo has always been an incurable romantic when it comes to its collections and that won't be changing anytime soon! Secret Blink features a limited edition rose gold case for the Skin Remaker, a Majoromantica scent, lash conditioner, new mascara, and a collectible palette.

I have three items from the collection, so here are quick reviews and swatches for you!

The Lash Expander was the first item I tried from Majolica Majorca, before the brand arrived here. I loved it because it lengthened my lashes and didn't smudge at all. This 2013, the Lash Expander shall be phased out and replaced with the improved Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister (P795).

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Capsule review: Etude House Christmas Miracle Collection

What's your favorite holiday collection so far? There are so many, but it's good to have choices! There's something for everyone whether they're on a budget or cost is no object. :) I did observe a general theme though. Shine, glitter, and bright pops of red are du jour, but I've also been seeing a lot of twinkly purples and violets. This is good news - for me at least! - because I find that color group rather flattering on the Pinay complexion.

This time I want to talk about the Etude House Christmas Miracle Collection. I have photos, swatches, and quick thoughts on each product!

Let's start with the Etude House Mix & Mix Eyes PK001. This is a sleek palette of six sparkly shades in the lilac/ purple color group. There's also one in BR401 Holiday Dream that is on the neutral end of the spectrum. Go for PK001 if you're out for an evening party, while BR401 is better for more reserved occasions.

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Capsule reviews: Etude House x Annika Wester Wannabe Collection

Annika Wester is a famous illustrator who has done work for big names like Vogue, Anna Sui, MAC (to name a few) and has shown her art in galleries all over the world. According to her blog, her " presents a various number of characters, silhouettes and items displayed throughout her own stylish way of drawing. The features are softened and the colors often bright, which gives the viewer a feeling of joyful indolence..."

The Etude Girl illustrations by the talented Annika Wester

Cool right? And now, Ms Wester has partnered with Etude House for their Wannabe Collection! It's a rather expansive collection with a face palette, powder, lipsticks, nail polishes, scent and gloss combos, and even falsies all incased in Ms Wester's trademark artwork.

The Etude Girl is, surprise surprise, Sandara Park of 2NE1

Okay, this is a rather long intro, but I am just amazed by Annika Wester and Etude House's awesome idea in partnering with her. Whoever said that art and makeup can never mix is deadly wrong! So! I'll be reviewing some of the Wannabe pieces I have with me.

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