Recap: the Project Vanity 5th Anniversary Event

Last Saturday was one of the best days of my life. I don't know how else to describe it or what else to say, just that I'm so happy that you guys came out to see me! We had about seventy guests in all, so the Beauty Bar in Bonifacio High Street was full of stylish and beautiful girls with perfect eyebrows (yihee) that day.

The venue started filling up by 2pm. Guests claimed their free The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drinks and nommed on cupcakes from Spoonful of Sugar (thanks Patti for the yummy red velvets!). At 3pm, Karrots Nazareno of Live Love Lolz stepped up to host the program. Did you know that she has stage fright? Yet she agreed to host PVE! She's one of the few people I'm happy to call my friend. <3

I demonstrated how to achieve a quick but high-impact look on Den (she works with me and she's awesome - anyway). It's light and fun enough for day, but it can also be worn at night. I chose to show this look because it's my default when I don't have time to primp but don't want to look meh. How to do it: define your eyes and eyebrows (K-Palette eyeliners and Fairydrops mascara = highly recommended), thicken lashes, contour, and finish with a loud lip. Done and done!

The finished look on Den up close (hi Eula!)

After the demo, Ms Nelly See of Pinkbox came in to talk about how she started her business and how she is able to have a fulfilling life in the process. She's the best example of a person who constantly pushes her limits, only to find that what's impossible remains impossible only if you don't try to change it. :) She is such a beautiful person inside and out.

Ms Cheryl Tan Chua, the distributor of K-Palette and Fairydrops in the Philippines, also shared how she started her business. Did you know that she and her hubby had no background whatsoever in selling beauty products? One day while abroad she discovered the K-Palette eyebrow liner. She took a chance, asked for a distributorship, and was approved! Again - your dream is only impossible if you don't go for it.

The lovely Cheryl Tan Chua

To end the program, we held a raffle. Two lucky girls came home with extra gifts from Beauty Bar. :D Plus, a special guest came in at the last minute! He's super tired from an afternoon at his day care which is why he was quiet that time. Haha.

So that's what happend. :D I wish I spent more time with everyone, but since I was running around fixing things I didn't have much time to really sit down and chat. Nonetheless I had so much fun! I'm thinking of doing another Project Vanity event mid-year. What do you think? ;)

Thanks to everyone who came, to Beauty Bar for opening the venue to PV and providing the loot bags, K-Palette and Fairydrops for all the support, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for the drinks, and Spoonful of Sugar for the noms. Till next!

Project Vanity readers are pretty by default (or else I'd be disappointed lol kidding)

PS Special thanks to Sara, Eula, and Monica for the pictures! I wasn't able to take any myself so these are perfect!