BYS Brow & Eye Pencil in Blonde

BYS (be your self) is an Australian drugstore brand that has been in the Philippines since late last year. If you've seen it in Watsons, then you know how dizzying their selection of colors and products is! I think that BYS has a lot to offer in terms of quality vis-à-vis the price. It's always nice to find a brand where most things are under a thousand bucks.

I will be reviewing a few BYS products in the next few weeks, and today I'm starting off with the BYS Brow & Eye Pencil in Blonde (P250). It's a soft, rather waxy automatic pencil liner that is actually an ashy brown.

I love the flat, slanted tip (remember the Shu Uemura naginata shape?) as it gets me a nicer arch in a shorter amount of time. It has a soft and waxy texture that I was surprised to use at first, but I realized that it's a nice way to keep the brows in place as a real wax would - great for those unruly hairs!

The color is a little off for me since it's ashy. These kinds of shades don't flatter my skintone, unfortunately, but if you are fair and with lighter hair this will work. :) It doesn't look too bad on me imho but I prefer brownie-blonde shades as I feel they suit me better.

Downside: this pencil doesn't completely settle. It stays emollient, so if you have oily/sweaty brows then this will most likely slide off or smudge on you. You can set it with a coordinating powder or brow mascara if you wish although that defeats the point already. If, however, you're like me with weirdly dry brows, this will stay on alright.

Overall, the BYS Brow & Eye Pencil in Blonde isn't too bad for P250. I plan to get the darker shade (if there is one!) since this is ideal for super lazy days when I don't want to sharpen my usual brow pencils or pick up a brush. :D

Does this look like something you'd try? What brow pencil do you use currently?