Project Vanity Event update!

Hey folks! I was able to look through all the entries last night and I have to say that I cried a little. Thank you so much for your support through the years! I am really excited to meet all of you on Saturday. That said, I have emailed the 40 people in my guest list already - each of them will receive the Beauty Bar loot bag and a free Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink of their choice.

However, even if you did not make it to the guest list, I still have gift certificates for you. A Spoonful of Sugar sponsored cupcakes too, and they are available to everyone who signs up for the event on the day itself. :) First 30 people who are not on the guest list but joins the event will be getting a small token of appreciation from me. They can also join a raffle where Beauty Bar and K-Palette/Fairydrops will give away two awesome bags full of prizes!

So there you go. :) See you then! Bring your friends!