MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy

The MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy is one of those must-have things we always hear about. I've been meaning to try it for the longest time but, well, other amazing eyebrow products always crop up. Good thing Lannel Boutique sent me a tube some weeks ago! Here's what I think about this cult favorite.

Girl Boy is a dark blonde shade with a subtle golden shimmer. The gold might look weird at first, but it does give brows such a lovely dimensional look. 

What I love about the product

  • It's a nice topper for dark eyebrows - it sort of highlights the hair and gives it more depth and lushness. If you're light-haired and/or have extremely dark brows then this is okay to use by itself; if you have sparse brows, make sure to use eyebrow color underneath it first.
  • Doesn't smudge or fade during the day.

  • Dries quickly but not too fast that you won't have time to blend.
  • Hair doesn't feel stiff when coated with the stuff.
  • There is A LOT (8 grams) of product in the tube which makes me think that the price is reasonable (I don't have exact price right now but I think it's about P900-P1000).

Looks weird but it works even on dark hair. It's best worn with some sort of dark base underneath - could be eyebrow powder, pencil, pen, gel, whichever you prefer.

Worn on top of an eyebrow pen

Close up. No sign on the shimmer!

What I don't like about the product

  • The brush. It's so big and chunky that it makes the gel difficult to apply accurately. I prefer small, thin brushes/ wands for my eyebrows.
  • Something off with the packaging - the opening is too big so a goop of the stuff sticks to the wand when you pull it out. I have to wipe it on tissue, which means I'm wasting precious product every time I use it.


This brush picks up way too much product


If you like lightening your brows a notch (might be because you feel they're too thick or you just recently dyed your hair lighter) then you will love the MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. The shade is pretty much "universal" since it won't completely cover your natural hair and works with whatever base you put underneath. 

Just make sure that you have the right amount of product on the wand before you brush it on your eyebrows; too much and you'll end up with chunky blonde streaks. Eek. Wipe the wand on a tissue first or on the rim of the tube.


It's nice! I'm not crazy over it (that brush is frustrating!) but I do like using it to soften harsh brows. It also makes the hair look more...luscious and interesting. I will definitely continue using Girl Boy. :)

Anyway if the local MAC counters are not accessible to you or if you want to save a bit of dough when buying MAC, you can check out Lannel Boutique. Sharlene sells lipsticks mostly but she sometimes has blushes and foundations too. :) Find her on Instagram.