MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion

It's that time of the quarter again - the dreaded writer's block. I can't seem to write anything worth pennies, and it's driving me crazy! I keep thinking of all the other things I need to do at work and it's extremely difficult to focus on beauty stuff when you're worrying about so and so. However, this should pass soon. Maybe I just need to buy more shoes? That usually kicks the block in the shins!

It usually helps to change my routine or explore a new place, as well. Talking about the things I like is easier and much less expensive though (lol) so here's a review on the MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion (P129.75) for you.

(By the way thanks to Sample Room for sending me this! They had free full bottles up for grabs last January. Check them now for new free samples available.)

Not gonna mince words - this lotion is pretty good! It has moringa (malunggay!), sunflower oil, and olive oil to condition the skin. It's light and non-sticky (perfect for summer) but even with this texture the moisturizing power is not compromised. I've tried light lotions that are not very moisturizing short of slathering them all over, but Moringa O2 keeps the skin supple with only a relatively small amount of product.

Its unique selling point, however, is that it smells almost exactly like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. Swear! If I didn't know it's a different brand, I wouldn't have guessed. :) There is no lotion smell at all, just the green tea scent that everyone has grown to love through the decades. The scent stays on for about thirty minutes but it does linger. Tip: use a coordinating perfume to work with the luscious base you already have on your skin. Something green, floral, and fresh.

Perhaps the only downside is that this doesn't have SPF. Well yes it claims to have UVA/UVB protection but unless I see the number then I'm not confident about that factoid. Hence, I have to add a separate product on top if I'm going out during the day - hassle, but manageable! That's why I usually prefer to wear this lotion when I'm just staying at home or before I sleep. 

Overall, the MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion still a great body moisturizer. It's so affordable, too! I am definitely getting more bottles (I know someone who hoarded already hrhr) for myself. :D Crossing my fingers there's still some left as beauty bloggers have already raved about it. Definitely a must-try!

Moringa O2 is available in leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide. Follow the brand on Facebook for updates!