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Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART introduces probiotics in skincare

While we know Elizabeth Arden mostly for its feminine fragrances (White Tea remains a personal favorite since trying it last year), they’re not one to be left behind on color cosmetics and skincare.

The introduction of the SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster has inspired a full-on SUPERSTART collection. This collection features skincare technology that focuses on improving the radiance and appearance of the skin’s topmost layer, the stratum corneum. The line heavily features probiotics, which aims to strengthen skin’s own natural defenses leaving your skin feeling resilient and refreshed.

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Into The Red Door: Elizabeth Arden opens its first Asian store in the Philippines

Empowering women through their products is at the core of Elizabeth Arden's beauty philosophy. After all, the founder's mantra was, "To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman." To keep up with the women in today's digital age, the company launched in 2015 a campaign titled "From the Desk of Liz Arden". While only a fictional character, #LizArden connects the brand with its customers, with help from other beauty bigwigs like models, designers, makeup artists to name a few.

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This is how using ceramides in my routine improved my skin

As a teenager, I had extremely oily skin. I swear, I could have given all the oil wells in the Middle East a run for their money for all the excess sebum my skin would produce! In my 20’s, my skin started to normalize: no longer quite as oily but more of a combination type. When I recently hit my late 20’s though, I noticed that my skin would be itchy, red, and peeling all the time. I would apply moisturizer on the dry spots, but would have to deal with them again the following day. This left me feeling very confused. I had a nightly skincare routine but why was I still having so many problems with my skin? After doing a lot of research, I discovered that my symptoms were signs of my ceramide level slowly dropping.

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