Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDP

The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Parfum is a classic perfume that was created in 1989. Since then, it has been a cult favorite around the world and has remained unchanged for the past 23 years. That's not hard to fathom because it is a memorable scent. Once you smell it, it will remain engraved on your brain.

Women my age would find it hard-pressed to appreciate the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Parfum because it smells, well, middle-aged. It's something your tita or mom would probably wear - heavily floral with a woodsy base, Red Door is a commanding scent that would suit nothing else but a strong personality. I find that older women have more of that secure sense of identity compared to younger ones. Agree or disagree?

I wasn't taken by Red Door the first time I smelled it, but it grew on me after a few more times of wearing it out. Why? Because once you get over the initial floral assault, it immediately softens into more definable smells of ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine. It dries down to a woodsy honey accord that just stays with me the whole, and I mean the whole day. It envelopes my clothes, me, into this really warm scent that's not aggressive but you know it's there.

That's why I love it. :) It's the kind of scent that makes a statement without being too loud. Classy, really. I like wearing it to formal meetings and cocktail events. I recommend you try it on if you ever pass by a Rustan's counter, if only to educate your nose!