Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot Eau de Parfum Spray

A perfume review is the most difficult to do. To begin with, how can I communicate a scent over a monitor? What are the right words to use? It takes me time to review scents because I need to know the perfume first until we are old friends.  

Merely saying that a scent is "nice" or "good" is not enough. Most fragrances smell nice anyway (which is why they are called such, ha ha). These days, they are more about creating a mood, an image, or a story than just merely smelling good. That's why packaging and branding are just as important as the actual formula.

So what is Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Hot EDP about? It's a feminine scent, but with an undertone of smoldering allure. This is the girl you meet wearing chiffon dresses and dainty heels, but she is also extremely confident, competitive, and crafty. She is the girl you thought you had all figured out within a few minutes of meeting her, but you find out that, in the end, you didn't really know her.

The bottle is shaped like a slender apple, with a floral blossom encased in the cap

Pretty Hot's top notes are delightfully fruity, with red currant, blood orange, juicy mandarin, and red apple making up a juicy layer. Then the scent mellows down to a floral symphony, with red peony, belle de nuit, and petalia flowers, underscored by the spicy pimento blossom and georgywood. At the end, the scent is brought down to anchor on woods and resins - amber, white patchouli, tonka crystals, sandalwood, and cosmone.

It's a beautiful scent that walks the fine line between cloyingly feminine and drably manly. It lasts for four hours on me and works with my skin's chemistry really well. It's a versatile scent, made for day, but can easily cross over to an elegant evening when needed. I like wearing it when I'm feeling all complex and mysterious, but not too much as to be inaccessible. 

I highly recommend this to women who love spicy floral scents that warm up nicely as the hours go by. It's very wearable and a crowd pleaser - you really can't go wrong with this one, whatever the event or function you need to go to.

The Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot Eau de Parfum Spray retails for P3,300 (50mL) / P4,200 (100mL) in Rustan's.