My escape to Neo Day Spa

I'm sure that many of you guys have plans to hit the beach this summer, but if you don't - don't despair! There's a lot of amazing ways to spend your summer right here in the city. You can do a sort of staycation by visiting great spas, for instance. There's a lot to explore and experience if you know where to look!

I recently discovered a place called Neo Day Spa. "Discover" is hardly the perfect word as I have seen the spa countless of times before. I pass by it everytime I go to Burgos Circle in The Fort. It looked small and uninteresting so I never visited on my own, but things are not always as they seem. I'm glad to find out upon the spa's invitation. :)

Tea bar

Inside, Neo Day Spa's ground floor looks spacious and airy. The architect made use of geometric ceilings and concrete floors to give a sort of industrial, raw look to the place. Nonetheless, the white walls, ambient music, and silence lent a modern, relaxing mood to the spa. The tea bar, the main feature of the ground floor, allows you a small taste (literally) of your hours ahead as you sip your ginger lemongrass tea (it's great btw).

The second floor is the silent zone, meaning you're politely requested not to make any jarring noises. It's a stark contrast to the bright ground floor - it's as if you're in a different place entirely! The lighting is dim, and there is a burrow of narrow passageways that lead to the private rooms and baths. There's a dinstinctly Japanese feel to this floor, with lots of wood and smooth stones paving the halls. It looks like a maze, so much that I got lost as I tried to get back to my room after grabbing my phone in the locker.

Kind of amazing when you realize that the place is not that big, when you think about it! I'm really impressed by the interiors.

I know I know, I've rambled about the design too much. I'm sure you're wondering about the treatment I got! I availed of the Hanakasumi Nourishing Ritual.

It involved a cherry blossom rice scrub being brushed and rubbed onto me for one and a half hours. Then, a soothing full body massage followed. It was bliss! The treatment, the dim lights, and quiet music took me away from a busy work week for almost three hours.

Neo Day Spa Brochure, for your reference

My stay at Neo Day Spa was memorable, so I will definitely come back. :) If you're far from The Fort, you can also find NEO in Greenhills and Boracay. For general inquiries about Neo Spa please email to or call 815 6948 or 815 8233 and 0921 477 9999.