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Stressed? Here’s an affordable self-care routine to keep you sane this season

The holiday season can feel more stressful than cheery because of mounting work deadlines, planning a family reunion, or dealing with the crazy December traffic. Feeling anxious when the streets are filled with colorful lights and upbeat carols does not make you a grinch - it simply means you need a break! Just as swiping on a some lipstick or spritzing some perfume can boost your mood, a little self-care can go a long way to making you feel good and maybe even excited about the upcoming celebrations. And yes, it's totally possible to treat yo'self without using up the budget you saved for gifting. Here's an affordable self-care routine that has you covered from head to toe!

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My escape to Neo Day Spa

I'm sure that many of you guys have plans to hit the beach this summer, but if you don't - don't despair! There's a lot of amazing ways to spend your summer right here in the city. You can do a sort of staycation by visiting great spas, for instance. There's a lot to explore and experience if you know where to look!

I recently discovered a place called Neo Day Spa. "Discover" is hardly the perfect word as I have seen the spa countless of times before. I pass by it everytime I go to Burgos Circle in The Fort. It looked small and uninteresting so I never visited on my own, but things are not always as they seem. I'm glad to find out upon the spa's invitation. :)

Tea bar

Inside, Neo Day Spa's ground floor looks spacious and airy. The architect made use of geometric ceilings and concrete floors to give a sort of industrial, raw look to the place.

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An evening at The Spa

I'm stressed out lately. Well, who isn't? My excuse is that I'm busy with my new work, juggling all my other priorities, and then there are all these issues plaguing the local blogging community right now. I just want to go on vacation - again.

I'll be vacationing with the family in a couple of weeks, but for the meantime the next best thing to do is to visit a spa. I got a gift certificate  for a free facial at The Spa a couple of weeks back (won it from a contest). I finally made time to use it last Monday, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pay for a massage! That explains my good mood. :D

I first visited The Spa last year when I treated our Asian Secrets bride, Kirby, to the Bonifacio High Street branch. Just stepping through the wide doors gave me such a rich sensory experience that I promised myself I'd go back. You'll understand me when you go in, too - there's this sweet tangerine smell that immediately surrounds you.

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