Asian Secrets grand winner's makeover

IMG_9785 by project_vanity.

Beauty blogging has allowed me to reach out to women who want to be more beautiful but just don't know where to begin. Thus, when Asian Secrets asked me to run a contest for them, I was ecstatic! Not often do I get the chance to work with a great product as well as help new people through it. 

After announcing the winners, I set about purchasing and booking P40,000 worth of prizes. Here's my post with pictures of the winners and what they got! This post is about Kirby's makeover.

I was really excited about meeting the bride. I wanted to find out more about her and her wedding plans! Kirby is actually a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is now taking Law at the University of the Philippines. Her soon-to-be husband is a scientist. Talk about intimidating!

She's very sweet though and I really enjoyed hanging out with her. Kirby and her fiance have been saving up for their wedding for years now. They have also bought their own lot for their future home, which is really inspiring for all the soon-to-be married couples out there! As for their wedding, the theme is color, color, color. She wants something festive and bright, because what else should a wedding be, after all?

For her makeover, Kirby wanted things simple and natural. Instead of looking different, she just wanted to enhance her features. Her main problem is her hair, but her face and skin are mostly flawless. She finds Asian Secrets to be perfect for her skin's needs and uses it regularly even before she was announced as the winner of the contest. She says, "I’ll be using this till the big day… and beyond. Seldom you’ll find a product that is effective and at the same time too enjoyable to use. I just love it!"

To start the pampering off, I took her to a day spa at Bonifacio High Street to relax and unwind. We got a treatment package that included a body scrub and massage at the exclusive Villa. Of course, I asked them to use Asian Secrets as the scrub! It's very luxurious, perfect for cleaning the body as well as moisturizing the skin. After the body treatment, Kirby got a mani and pedi.

Kirby on the way to rendezvous with Asian Secrets

Bath tub!

I am so jealous! Haha.

Massage bed

After the long treatments, Kirby and I headed to a salon in Rockwell to have her hair done. I wanted her to try hair coloring, but she wanted her hair to stay black. She instead requested for a rebonding treatment, but Mr. Manfred Spiering, the stylist, suggested that she get the Brazilian Keratin Treatment instead. It was pricey, but we still had budget to spare so we went for it. Kirby also got a Permanent Blowdry and a cut. 

Mr. Spiering explaining the treatment

After two hours...

Kirby getting a cut

Are you ready for the result?

 Ultra-soft, shiny, shampoo commercial hair!

It's now time for the makeover. I considered booking her with a makeup artist, but since Kirby doesn't want heavy makeup on her and going to a MUA will be a waste since she's not going anywhere afterwards, I decided to give her the makeup makeover slash mini tutorial.

Using this, we get this:


Kirby said of the experience, "I looked forward to the [makeover] day 'coz the week before was too stressful. I love what Basement Salon did with my hair, I was eyeing for a rebond treatment but they suggested the permanent blowdry. Good thing! That was the effect I was looking for even before that rebonding cannot deliver. It got rid of all the frizz, my hair is straight but still with volume and still so natural-looking and shiny. Mr. Spiering also gave me a haircut which was nice as well.

"I also loved the spa treatment. It was oh-so relaxing. The body scrub, the spa villa is so nice and chic! Also having lunch with Liz, talking and walking around with her, glad to have met her. She was nice all throughout. I thought things would be awkward but I'm just glad the experience was all nice. I really enjoyed the day."

Now this, my dear friends, is mission accomplished! Congratulations again to the Asian Secrets grand winners. I am so happy for Kirby, who is getting married to the love of her life this December. Thanks to everyone who joined, and thanks to Asian Secrets for giving us all a chance to share these precious moments online.