An evening at The Spa

I'm stressed out lately. Well, who isn't? My excuse is that I'm busy with my new work, juggling all my other priorities, and then there are all these issues plaguing the local blogging community right now. I just want to go on vacation - again.

I'll be vacationing with the family in a couple of weeks, but for the meantime the next best thing to do is to visit a spa. I got a gift certificate  for a free facial at The Spa a couple of weeks back (won it from a contest). I finally made time to use it last Monday, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pay for a massage! That explains my good mood. :D

I first visited The Spa last year when I treated our Asian Secrets bride, Kirby, to the Bonifacio High Street branch. Just stepping through the wide doors gave me such a rich sensory experience that I promised myself I'd go back. You'll understand me when you go in, too - there's this sweet tangerine smell that immediately surrounds you. Water cascades over the stone walls, making a soothing, tinkling sound that falls to a shallow pool on the floor. You feel as if you're leaving the city as you go up the stairs to the homey reception area. You haven't even gotten a treatment yet, but you already feel relaxed and at ease.

I was given a clean robe, towel, and a pair of rubber slippers as soon as I got inside the locker room. It baffled me at first because I was only planning to get a facial, but I got in the robe anyway and asked to be shown to the treatment room. I enjoyed the facial - the attendant, Claudie, had gentle hands. It was supposed to last for only 30 minutes, but I think she was at it for 45. 

Dim interiors give a sense of privacy

The facial cleaned my pores nicely, but I got a couple of pimples afterwards. Must be the moisturizer The Spa uses or the fact that the masseuse placed her oil-slicked hand on my face to massage it. I managed to stop her just in time, but I should have told her earlier. I just didn't expect her to massage my face - in all the spas I've gone to, no one has touched my face in a full body massage.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I told Claudie that I would like to get a Swedish massage, because it was sooo hard to leave after such a soothing facial. As we were chatting, I learned that anyone who gets even just a facial can use the spa facilities like the huge jacuzzi tub, steam bath, and the showers. If you know me, you know that I like bath tubs. You bet I'm going to get a facial again just to use that jacuzzi tub!

HOWEVER. I wouldn't recommend it if you're conscious about being naked. You have to peel everything and share the tub with the other patrons. I personally don't mind because I know that my lady bits are the same as other lady bits, but I just want to warn you that you have to wear your birthday suit in front of whoever happens to be there.

So anyway, I got my 60-minutes Swedish massage (P820 plus tip of course) and loved it even though I got a pimple out of it. :P The masseuse (I didn't catch her name) made sure that all my tight muscles are kneaded to submission. I like that my body didn't hurt the day afterwards. I remember my massage at Bellarocca - I could hardly stretch for a couple of days.

I got the massage in the common room, but there was nobody else so it's as good as a private area.

Just a couple more things I'd like to note about my visit to The Spa: 

  • The receptionist in the locker area didn't ask me if it was my first time, nor did she explain that I can use the other facilities. She just pointed me to the wet floor. I didn't understand what she meant, of course, so I asked to get the facial first thing.
  • After I showered, I sat in the waiting area, waiting for the masseuse. After a couple of minutes, the receptionist had to ask me (politely) what I was doing there. The girl who did my facial already told them that I was adding a massage, but it seems they forgot.

Even with these bumps, I still enjoyed my Monday evening there. Will I go back? Probably, since I'm always in BHS anyway. It's a great way to kill time, and who can say no to a hot jacuzzi tub? ;)