My top 10 favorite finds last September

September was a mighty blur to me. If you ask me what I did exactly, I wouldn't know without consulting my calendar. I would spend an entire day operating on the impression that it's a day or two ahead. Is that a bad thing? Yes because I am sometimes disoriented and out of focus. No because I love and enjoy what I am doing. And through my blog-related efforts, this website has been pushing 5,500+ page views a day! Even reaching 7,000 on a good day.


That said, I'm so thankful for your support. I wouldn't keep pushing without your comments and questions as readers, without your trust as sponsors. :') You're the best!

Okay, that's it for the emo rambling. On to my my top 10 favorite finds last September!

If you're OC about perfecting your face makeup (as I am) then you'll love the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (as I do). It's a set of four wonderful brushes to conceal, smoothen, and brighten your complexion. It's a great deal too for only P1,100 for full-sized brushes and a travel case. My favorite brush in particular is the contour blush - it deposits blushes and contour powder cleanly. Love!

Nice, affordable mineral powder foundations are like unicorns. They're not so easy to find, even harder if they're in pressed form! Look no further than the Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation. It has heavy, smooth coverage that comes in a skin-friendly formula. I did observe that it lightens after a few hours of wear so perhaps it's better to get a shade darker than you normally would.

Goddes rocks whut? I admit that I am sometimes taken in by intriguing names when choosing a product. The MeMeMe Goddess Rocks is the best example. It's a jar full of shimmery rocks that can give your a slightly bronzy goddess glow - think J.Lo! I like using it with a huge fluffy face brush to get an a glow all over, or with an angled blush brush for a more concentrated bronze.

Speaking of glow, another illuminating discovery of mine is the Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach. Boy this shade is so flattering! At least on me. Light to medium-toned girls will appreciate a peachy blush, I think, but if you're on the darker end of the spectrum perhaps a rose or a reddish shade would be better. 

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain received many raves abroad, and for good reason. These are extremely pigmented, long-lasting lip colors that almost feel nothing on the lips. What else could one ask for? Sweetheart is a gorgeous hot pink (my favorite), while Precious is a dainty nude which looks fab on top of another nude lipstick. These balm stains should be on your must-try list! (If you haven't gotten around to it yet)

Red is the color of passion, love, war, or all-consuming evil. Isn't it funny how one color can have such polarized interpretations? I think this complexity is one of the reasons red is such a memorable color to wear. Anyway, if you must buy only one red lipstick in your lifetime, try the MAC Russian Red. It's a classic color that Madonna popularized when she wore it on her world tour in the 90s. It's the one red to rule them all!

Another oldie but goodie find is the Rosebud Salve. It has been around for over 100 years, soothing dry and irritated skin, or just being a general beauty saver. I love that it smells like roses and doesn't feel too greasy. It's expensive for a balm but it does have a lot in one vintagey jar.

MAC again! My favorite gel eyeliner ever would have to be the MAC Fluidline. It's super creamy and long-lasting, a difference that you'll believe in once you've actually tried it. ;) The shade I reviewed, Dipdown, is a deep brown that's nice for natural looks. I also discovered that it looks fantastic on eyebrows - I must demonstrate that soon!

I realize that P4,000 for one eyeshadow palette is quite a stretch. However, if you're in that point in your life when you can splurge on beautiful beauty products then the Shu Uemura Chocolat Donna Palette in Orange & Pistachio is great to start with. The packaging is impeccable and the formula of the eyeshadows, divine. It's the sort of object you will treasure forever.

I know facials are necessary but I try to avoid them as much as possible because I hate the inevitable purging (i.e. breakout) that comes after it. It's not even the pain from pricking that I'm worried about. It's my skin's reaction. But! I have finaly found a facial that doesn't make my skin erupt in nasty pimples: the MD Dermatics Glow Facial at CACI 6750. The fact that the machine just melts and scrapes of acne is beside the point, for me. I just love how gentle and comfortable it is on my skin. Win!

So there you go! These are the ten things I loved last September. Have you discovered any new (or new-ish) gems yourself? Spill!