Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

Have you heard of Real Techniques brushes? They're this super popular brushes made by none other than Samantha Chapman, one of the Pixiwoo sisters. I've been trying to buy a set for a while now, but they're always out of stock in the usual online stores. So when Jun of Makeuplove emailed me to ask if she can send me one, I got a huuuuge smile on my face. Serendipity sure is sweet!

Finally, the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (P1,100).

Yes, you get four full-sized face brushes and a display/travel case for only P1,100 (cheaper in the US of course). Sorry to sound like an informercial but admit it, it's a really good deal. The brushes themselvers are perfect and do exactly what they were designed to do. Here's a quick run-down!

What I love about the product

  • Super smooth synthetic hair picks up makeup nicely and deposits it without eating it up.
  • Slightly hefty, doesn't feel cheap. The rubber-coated brush handles and the hair looks like they're of good quality.
  • The case looks sturdy and it's compact enough to carry around. It can also house two more brushes.
  • Fairly affordable at P1,100 for four multi-functional brushes that you will definitely use a lot.


What I don't like about the product

  • I like the concept of a case that also serves as a brush stand. But once you try to stick the CC brushes on the garter, you'll find that you're in a world of trouble. The rubber handles make it impossible to slide them into the garter so you have to pinch and pull. Too time-consuming and it loosens the garter. However, you can slide in non-rubber handled brushes just fine.

The Buffing Brush is for powder and mineral foundation, but it's also good for blushes and liquid foundation. It's dense and ultra-soft!

The Contour Brush contours my cheeks perfectly! It's worth buying the whole set just for this! Do you hate how your contour powder looks muddy and spreads everywhere? Well this brush the solution. You get a precise application but the color is still diffused so your work doesn't look too harsh. Oh it's also great for applying blushes!

The Pointed Foundation brush looks depressingly small but it actually applies liquid foundation really well. You know those big and dense foundie brushes? Well they eat the liquid foundation, especially if it's the watery type. This one from RT spreads everything evenly, although it does take more time to cover your whole face. Some foundations are also better blended out to sort of "activate" the color, so for those types I don't use this brush.

You can also use it for under eye concealing and getting into tight corners like the sides of your nose, temples, etc.

Ahh, the Detailer Brush. This is great too, especially for spot concealing! It's not too small or big, and it deposits concealer without absorbing it. I also like to use it on my eyes to deposit concentrated amounts of eyeshadow, particularly on the rim and outer v.


I would recommend the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set to just about anyone who loves having a perfect face base. The four brushes in the set can applies wet and dry makeup flawlessly, and they feel so soft on skin to boot! Get it if you're into liquid foundation, cream concealer, and loose powder.

The star however would have to be the Contour Brush. This can apply contour and blushes on precise areas, without making them look too drawn on. I would love to buy a backup of it!


Fantastic stuff. So happy that I finally got my hands on this set - all thanks to Jun! Go visit Makeuplove for other great beauty finds. Right now though these RT brushes are out of stock but she will restock soon so keep checking the store. :)