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Canmake Cheek Brush

I don't know why exactly but Japan is on my mind these last few days. I've been obsessively checking flights, hotels, and the weather on my preferred dates. Honestly I'm starting to feel a wee bit crazy. Why now, why so suddenly? It's like an urge that just dropped down my gut.

I'm trying to convince my parents to go with me this year, but if that doesn't happen I will most likely go by myself. Is this what they call lovesickness? Well. I suppose so!

In any case, here's a little piece of Tokyo for us: the Canmake Cheek Brush (P600)! This is part of the brand's Spring collection and I'm loving it. Not as a blush brush but as a - wait for it - foundation brush. It's the perfect shape and density for applying liquid foundations and BB creams.

Don't let that cute, toy-like design fool you. This is a crazy soft brush with fine synthetic bristles! It's quite small yes but it's about the same size as the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. They work pretty much the same way except this is only 600 bucks. ;)

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Cheap finds: e.l.f Studio Blush Brush

What can you get for P250 bucks? An appetizer at a nice resto, a Starbucks drink with a cookie on the side,  a really cute notebook (or two), or a muli-tasking brush like the e.l.f Studio Blush Brush! I think e.l.f should rename this to well, anything else but "blush brush". If one doesn't know much about makeup then one wouldn't be able to truly maximize this interesting tool!

This cheapo brush has taklon, surprisingly fine and soft hair. These bristles are densely-packed in a small, flat-ish brush head. Yes, small and flat, about the size of a regular foundation brush - just slightly fluffier. This shape allows for a more precise application of cheek color and contour, but it also opens up a world of possibilities.

You can use this e.l.f brush for applying heavy coverage powder and liquid foundation, as well as cream colors on the cheeks.

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Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Collection

I've been intrigued about the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Collection (P1,149) ever since it came out, more so after I read the good reviews! I finally nabbed my own set, thanks to Kalm Cosmetics. This store is the official distributor of Real Techniques here in the Philippines btw, so check it out if you want a better deal or if you're interested in selling wholesale.

Anyway! The RT Duo-Fiber brushes are a great addition to your collection if you want a finer, soft-focus finish to your makeup. If you're the sort who hates having sharp lines of color on your face, cakey makeup, or having to consciously use a light hand every time you apply color, the this set is for you!

Weighted handles and metallic white ferrules make for a luxe feeling, even though the brushes aren't that expensive

The duo-fiber (well, technically these brushes don't have "two fibers" - they're just two different colors of synthetic hair) material of these brushes is super soft and plush. They don't feel scratchy at all (although the eye brush has a couple of pointy bits). The sparse white tip picks up a small amount while the black, dense hair at the bottom blends it. Pretty handy.

Here's a quick rundown of what each brush is for!

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Brush Week: Mary Kay Cheek Brush

It's been years since I tried anything from Mary Kay! A couple of weeks back, I received a brush, loose powder, and mirror compact from the brand. I fell in like with all of them, especially since they are beautifully packaged, effective, and inexpensive. Today I'll quickly talk about the Mary Kay Cheek Brush, a beautiful brush that can be used for both blushes and powders.

This brush is made of soft animal hair. It's dense enough to blend loose powder effectively, but not so dense that it becomes too stiff to apply blush properly. This is generally good at packing color and blending it. I always love having brushes that can be used two or more ways! Saves me time from trying to pick out my next tool.

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush

Remember my Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set? I still abuse those brushes regularly. They've kept their shape well through repeated washing, and still have soft bristles even though they've been mercilessly rubbed and wiped on different products. Not a bad deal considering they're only P1,100 for four full-sized brushes!

I told myself I'd get more RT brushes when I get the chance, so here are two new ones I've managed to add to my collection thanks to Stuff In Style. ^_^

I have here the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush (P600 each). These brushes sport an interesting shape and size for what they purport to do, but I swear, they do the job quite well. That's what I like about Real Techniques - the brushes are real solutions to real makeup application problems. 

More details on each brush below!

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All-in-one: Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery" is a quote that I heartily agree with. When someone goes so far as to copy you then it's not just garden variety admiration - you're already held as a model for his/her self-actualization. I'm not talking about your work here (which may be copied simply out of laziness or dishonesty), I'm talking about the essence of who you are. If you're being imitated then you better recognize what an honor it is!

It's similar with beauty products. The best products - usually expensive ones - are copied by drugstore brands because there's a high demand for it. They're desirable yet often unattainable so more affordable alternatives come out. Yay for the free market, eh? One product that's been copied endlessly is the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush (P1,500). Guess why.

It's perfect! (As hinted rather heavily by the product name, har har.) This brush is designed to apply liquid, powder, and cream face products flawlessly. It has soft, synthetic, densely packed bristles that makes application a dream. If you want light coverage then spread out the product in downward strokes; for heavier coverage, simply press/dab the brush on the desired area and then lay off the blending.

It's rather small which makes it ideal not just for foundation but for concealer, contour, and blush as well.

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Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

Have you heard of Real Techniques brushes? They're this super popular brushes made by none other than Samantha Chapman, one of the Pixiwoo sisters. I've been trying to buy a set for a while now, but they're always out of stock in the usual online stores. So when Jun of Makeuplove emailed me to ask if she can send me one, I got a huuuuge smile on my face. Serendipity sure is sweet!

Finally, the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set (P1,100).

Yes, you get four full-sized face brushes and a display/travel case for only P1,100 (cheaper in the US of course). Sorry to sound like an informercial but admit it, it's a really good deal. The brushes themselvers are perfect and do exactly what they were designed to do. Here's a quick run-down!

What I love about the product

  • Super smooth synthetic hair picks up makeup nicely and deposits it without eating it up.
  • Slightly hefty, doesn't feel cheap. The rubber-coated brush handles and the hair looks like they're of good quality.
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Rave: Marionnaud Premium Blush Brush

Ok, back story: I've been looking for an awesome blush brush since June. I don't want any normal brush. I want something I will look forward to using everytime I wear makeup, something that feels luxurious and beautifying. Have I lost my mind? I looked far and wide for this mythical brush. There are only two brushes I seriously considered: one from Japonesque and the MAC 116 brush. The problem is that they both cost roughly P2,000. I told mysef to save up, I still have other items to knock off my list (such as a new camera, phone, and the Clinique Derma White Super City Block - such an awesome SPF product). So I didn't get my dream brush.

That is, until I saw this Marionnaud Premium Blush Brush (P299) in SM Makati last Saturday.

I was trolling the beauty aisles aimlessly that afternoon. One of the many Marionnaud stands was right smack in the middle of the walkway so I didn't miss it. I first saw the powder brush, it looked new plus it cost P500! Since when did Marionnaud brushes cost P500 a piece? The label says Marionnaud Premium. I immediately looked for a blush brush and wham! There it was.

I'll go on ahead and say that this is PERFECT. This is what I've been looking for. Don't bother reading my review, dash away and get one from Watsons/ SM Department Store!

What I LOVE about this product

  • The natural hair is incredibly soft with the right density. It feels like a dream on my face.
  • The brush is the right size and angle for both blushing and contouring. You'll remember that the cheaper Marionnaud blush/contour brush doesn't do much but contour (unevenly while it's at it). This new brush is worlds better.

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Cheap finds: Marionnaud Blush Brush

If you've been to Watsons lately, you've probably seen these uber cheap brushes branded as "Marionnaud". Yes, the logo is even similar to Marionnaud as in the luxury beauty store at the Mall of Asia. I remember Marionnaud (the store) used to sell really expensive brushes at P1,000 to P2,000 per piece but I don't think they're the same as the Watsons Marionnaud brushes. I don't know what's the deal with that, but I was lured in by the cheap prices and good reviews I've read online.

IMG_2115 by project_vanity.

I got the angled blush brush for only P167. So how is it?

What I like about it

  • Soft and dense
  • Didn't shed when I washed it
  • No smell
  • Fits my face well and the angle is really good for quick contouring.
  • Doesn't feel or look cheap. The brush handle feels sturdy.
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