Shu Uemura Chocolat Donna Palette in Orange & Pistachio

Is it chocolate or is it makeup? The Shu Uemura Chocolat Donna Limited Edition palettes look good enough to eat! In fact I wanted to keep mine pristine so badly that I only used it a grand total of three times since I got it last July. I know it's silly, but if you had something this pretty you'd want to keep it new-looking for as long as you can.

Packaging aside, the eyeshadows can stand on their own. They're super creamy and pigmented, and the color selection is great too! The one I have, the Orange & Pistachio Palette has a glittery orange shade, a matte green, satin beige, taupe, chocolate brown, and dark brown all together. They don't have names, just numbers (1,2,3,4,5, and 6 respectively).

The gold is sadly just an overspray, meaning it will come off with the brush

The last four are neutral, versatile colors that everybody needs. They're just elevated from the normal because they're so finely milled and creamy. The orange shade is interesting - it's packed glitter more than actual eyeshadow. It's something that won't look opaque by itself, but over a cream base (could be brown, black, or heck, any color you can think of), it will really pop! I've worn it over a black base and it looked so fab. Wasn't able to take a pic though, but I'll show you when I wear it again. (Do I sense a tutorial?)

Swatches! They're more vibrant in person though.

All the browns combined. The darkest brown is intense enough to be used as an eyeliner.

The pistachio shade is also quite nice with browns or blended with darker green eyeshadow. Here's me wearing it yesterday:

Fresh! The palette itself can host other Shu Uemura full-sized shadows or blush if you want to roll that way. Just snap on the pan you want, anytime. Here's my full review on the Color Atelier system for your reference.

The Chocolat Donna palettes come in two other variants: Raspberry & Mocha and Mint & Vanilla. Each one costs P4,000 a pop. Gulp, indeed. However these palettes only come once a year in a special collection. A full Color Atelier eyeshadow palette is P3,875, but you get only four colors. The limited ed ones have six (1 gram each vs the full-sized 1.4 grams). Now if you've been saving up for the normal palette, I advise that you go for a limited ed one instead.

That about sums it up! The Shu Uemura Orange & Pistachio Palette is a grand example of what luxurious, sinful makeup should be. There are certainly other good cheap palettes out there but if you're into decadent colors, textures, and packaging, then this Shu palette is right up your alley. :) Grab one now before they go out of stock!