Shu Uemura Color Atelier palette

I'm finding it a teensy bit difficult to begin this post, which is why I've been putting it off. I want to be able to sound sophisticated and knowledgeable while writing this review but I can't seem to get it right! You see, all I really want to say is this: Shu Uemura makes some of the best, if not the best, eyeshadows out there. Get one if you can, I'm not kidding!

I own a Shu Uemura travel palette but I never really appreciated the brand's eyeshadows until I got to try their singles from the Color Atelier. The colors are absolutely amazing, and the texture, my gosh! So soft and buttery. You don't even need a primer to make them stay on and look intense. These eyeshadows have no cons for me, although I do know P695 for a refill pan is steep. Still, that's considerably cheaper than other similar high-end brands pricing their singles at P900 up.

Shu Uemura recently released a customizeable palette that you can fill up with eyeshadow singles and/or blushes. It sells separately for P1,095 and also comes in one and two-pan versions. It's a well-designed case but you may also opt for a magnetic palette from a different brand to hold more Shu eyeshadows. Because seriously, are you going to stop with just four? I'm not!

Here are the colors I chose for my customized palette. I wanted to get ones I don't have yet; the rainforest paradise vibe was an unconscious theme! Hehe.

ME Soft Blue 655

IR Soft Gold 370

IR Soft Yellow Green 435

ME Soft Yellow 336

Swatched with no base; eyeshadows are more vibrant in person

Each eyeshadow snaps on to the palette with no trouble. You don't need to apply magnets, glue, or melt any plastic case, which is a total relief. You do have to be careful when handling the eyeshadows though; watch your fingernails or they will chip the surface!

Snap the slot in


If you want to remove the colors, you simply push them out from the opening in the back of the case.

Here are the retail prices for a full palette:

Quad case + 4 eyeshadows = P3,875

Quad case + 2 Glow Ons = P3,285

Quad case + 1 Glow On + 2 Eyeshadows = P3,580

Again, pricey, but if you want to invest in eyeshadows, forget the other brands, go for Shu Uemura! I'm definitely buying more eyeshadows as soon as I find one of those big magnetic palettes (suggestions anyone?). For now, you can bet I'll be using these shadows all the time!

Here are two looks I've done with it. What do you think? :D

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