The one red to rule them all: MAC Russian Red

Remember my red phase? Yep, still not quite over it. I was in Powerplant a couple of weeks back when I randomly decided to buy a true red lipstick. For the life of me I don't know why I did it, because I have maybe seven red lipppies in my collection already. I just wanted a true red and there's only one lipstick I know that fits in that category: MAC Russian Red (P1,000).

Like I said, I already have a handful of reds, but Russian Red is on a whole new level of its own. It's a seductive, intense, blue-based red that nobody can miss. It's completely opaque in one layer and has a matte finish. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a memorable, eye-catching red - skintone issues aside as this is touted to match all shades. Makes teeth look super white too!

Now matte lipsticks are great because they tend to be very pigmented and long-lasting. The downside, however, is that they drag when you apply them, plus they can also be very drying. The solution is simple: prime your lips with a balm first, then pat most of it off before working the lipstick in. This ensures that you have supple, smooth lips to serve as a canvas for the dry matte lipstick.

Here are more tips on how to wear intense red lipstick! 

  • Should you make a mistake, keep a cotton bud in hand to clean up the errant line. Move fast because once the color sinks into your skin you will have to use a makeup remover.
  • When wearing red, make sure that your face is flawless. Red, for some reason, makes your skin's flaws more obvious. So cover up anything that needs to be covered!
  • Let the red take the spotlight by keeping the rest of your makeup bare. If you want a glam, party-ready look, then feel free to add smoky eyes, but keep away from blush to prevent overload.
  • A classic red like Russian Red can be worn during the day or at night, but if you just really want a simple look, use this lippie as a stain. Just dab a bit on your lips, apply lip balm of top of it, then blend it all over to even out the color. Voila! You have an all-day stain.

Sorry for the blurry pic! Wearing Russian Red with big lashes and cat eyes. No blush, just contour.

And that's it! I don't know why I waited this long to buy my own MAC Russian Red. All the beauty gurus swear by this, and by jove they're right. It's a classic red that would look good on anyone, with a long-lasting opaque formula that will not move even when you eat. Get one if you're looking for the ultimate red!

Show of hands - who here has this lipstick? Thinking of getting it?