MD Dermatics Glow Facial at CACI 6750: Look ma, no pricking!

I tried an intriguing facial the other week from CACI 6750. Why intriguing? Instead of pricking and scrubbing, the facial involves simply scraping off whiteheads and blackheads with an ultrasonic spatula. I know, too sci-fi! But it works. The machine cleaned up my face nicely without the stressful pricking that usually comes with facials.

CACI, short for computer-aided cosmetology instrument, is a brand from the United Kingdom which specializes in non-invasive anti-aging techniques. It has been in the Philippines for seven years, but oddly enough it's not yet too popular. Former Ms Universe Gloria Diaz loves the signture facial, the CACI Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift, and comes in every so often for a treatment!

I didn't try that face lift because I'm just 24 (although some people like to start young). Instead, I went for the MD Dermatics Glow Facial, which is basically for clearing out nasty pore blockages and acne. It uses microcurrent toning, a technology that was initially used to treat those with Bells Palsy. However, the affected muscles did not react as well as the normal muscles and this is where they saw the aesthetic value of the technology.

Okay, enough about the technical stuff! Here be the photos. The cleanser, toner, mask, and moisturizer were all from Dermatics. They are quite gentle - no sting, no weird smell, and most importantly, I didn't get any pimples! Don't you hate it when skin "purges" after a facial? I didn't experience anything like that, which for me is a good thing. My worst breakouts tend to come after facials, something that my skin deals with by producing more blemishes. That kinda defeats the purpose, eh?

Here's what went down!

The solo room

The aesthetician removed all the makeup before the treatment. Lots of massaging here!

And here's the "spatula"! I like to call it that. It's just a thin metal plate that melts the blackheads and whiteheads, which then makes them easy to scrape off.

The aesthetician will scrape all over your face with the spatula. There will be a slight tingling in the beginning, followed by some warmth. No pain though. I did get teary-eyed when she was squeezing at my nose but it was just mildly uncomfortable and over quickly.

See that whitish stuff? Those are my liquefied acne! Ugh, but kinda cool. After the scraping, the aesthetician will use the other side of the spatula to brighten the skin and diminish pigmentation. Not sure how that works although my skin did look brighter afterwards.

The facial finishes with a cucumber mask and then moisturizer from Dermatics. I love the mask, it felt cold and calming on my face!

The whole treatment took only 40 minutes if I remember correctly. The results were pretty good - my skin felt rejuvenated, moisturized, and it looked glowy as promised! Oh and I didn't break out. Not one single pimple. The machine cleaned my face nicely although I think that pricking still cleans more thoroughly. Still, if you ask me, that's not a bad tradeoff as you don't get to experience any pain or irritation after the treatment.


I would recommend this to anyone who wants to remove their blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples without having them forcibly dug out from the skin. This is also great for those who are acne prone as Dermatics products are made for troubled skin, specifically.

The treatment isn't cheap at P2,000 but this is still more affordable compared to House of Obagi or Belo Medical. :) And, if you use this 25% off coupon, you will just be getting it at P1,500. Not a bad deal!

The people at CACI 6750 were kind enough to offer this coupon to Project Vanity readers. Just flash this on your phone or print it out and you can get the discount at their branch in Makati.


I loved the facial because it was straightforward and gentle. I am definitely coming back for maintenance!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored, although CACI 6750 will be advertising on my website starting in October. As usual, opinions are all mine and observations are as accurate as I can recall.

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