MeMeMe Goddess Rocks

When I posted this foundation review yesterday a few girls asked me what highlighting powder I used to achieve that glow. One of them even asked if I was using Guerlain! Well, the Guerlain Meteorites powder is invisible and almost devoid of any shimmer. No, I'm using something more glowy with a hint of bronze: the MeMeMe Goddess Rocks (P825 from Makeupholics)!

I love this stuff. It's a shimmery highlighter with subtle bronze and rose tints. I wouldn't call it an all-out bronzer because using too much will make you look quite shiny; a little goes a long way but don't expect any obvious color. 

Sponge topper to keep the rocks in place. The packaging is just cardboard so I wouldn't recommend it for traveling. Just keep a couple of the rocks in a clear jar if you want to apply it on the go!

I prefer using this with a big kabuki brush to get an overall glow on my skin. What I do is, I sweep a big C on my temples and cheekbones, then dust a bit on my noseline and forehead. Voila! Instant sun-kissed look. If you do it right - i.e. using only the smallest amount you can get away with - you'll get that fab J.Lo glow.

Gorgeous sun-kissed shimmer

I like to use it with a big fluffy brush like this one from Charm. This is because big brushes give a more diffused, soft-focus finish!

So yeah, girls who love the dewy look will love Goddess Rocks for sure, but if you oil up easily then this might make you look oilier than you really are. If you must insist, however, just apply this highlighter on choice parts of your skin like the cheekbones, browbones, and noseline. That's it. Keep it off your cheeks, temple, and chin. But if you're dry to combination, I suppose you can apply this everywhere (with a light hand, of course).

Overall, the MeMeMe Goddess Rocks is a great find. It's not anything like the Guerlain Meteorites, but it's on a class of its own. Get it if you want subtle glow-from-within skin without spending buckets on Guerlain!

Let me know what you think, as always. ;)

You can find MeMeMe cosmetics on Makeupholics.