pureDKNY: A Drop of Vanilla

There are days, like today, when I am at a complete loss about what to write here. I have maybe 20 products ready to be reviewed but I just can't think of anything to say about them. All I really want to do today is glue my ass on the sofa and play Final Fantasy 8 until I fall asleep and wake up tomorrow, all bright and shiny and refreshed. But that's not going to happen, eh?

What is going to happen is a day full of calls and more writing and maybe a P6,500 hair cut (if I still have enough daylight). And, of course, a review on a fab fragrance called the pureDKNY!

Look good. Feel good. Do good. This pure new scent adds a drop of vanilla to a world that needs a moment of calm. More than a fragrance, it embraces a way of being that takes time out for the simple things, the things closest to the heart: love, joy, comfort, relationships, and community. The fragrance's top notes soar of the pure scent of vanilla. Accords of dewdrop petal, lotus flower, and Bulgarian rose harmonize with a floral heart of jasmine, freesia and lush orchid. It finishes in a cradle of warmth: white amber, creamy sandalwood.

I would call pureDKNY Vanilla a relaxing, wholesome scent. It's quite well-rounded with a whiff of vanilla on top, a bouquet of heady flowers in the middle, and a bit of woody musk at the base. If you're feminine but not frivolous, opulent but tasteful, then I think you'll love this scent! I think it would be more suitable for evenings but I suppose it can also be considered as a day scent if used sparingly.

I'm sure you're wondering: Vanilla or Verbena? Well, go for Verbena if you like green scents. If you're more into heady, sweet fragrances, then Vanilla is for you. ;) I like Verbena more though, only because I love the smell of dewy leaves in the morning.

Pure DKNY is available in Rustans Department Stores for P 4,900/100ml and Php 3,500/50ml.