Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

I'm in a contemplative mood today. I've just been thinking about responsibility and what it truly means. The hardest way to learn it is when something needs to be done, you don't want to do it, but there's no one else so you get on your knees and get to work. You are not truly responsibly for something unless it's a thing you have to do completely alone.

My, what heavy words to start the week! Back to makeup. I want to talk about a really nice foundation I've been test-driving for a while now - the Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation (P475). It's 100% mineral makeup, it's pressed, and it has heavy coverage! Products like this usually cost a pretty shiny penny, but thanks to Human Heart Nature it's now affordable and easily available.

Here's what I think about the foundation!

What I love about the product

  • It delivers medium to heavy coverage while only requiring a bit of product. It's heavily pigmented, not chalky at all, so opacity is easy to achieve.
  • Smooth, matte finish evens out minor imperfections and discoloration. My skin looks like a doll's whenever I wear it!
  • Comes in four Filipina-friendly shades. I'm Caramel - it looks dark when swatched but adjusts to my skin nicely. The shade is for medium skin with yellow undertones. 

  • Didn't give me any breakouts. It supposedly has no harmful chemicals so that's good for our skin.
  • The compact comes with a nice sponge + holes in the bottom to air out the sponge (if you like to use it wet).
  • Affordable! It's only P475 for 7 grams.

Worn with a powder highlighter dusted all over the face. By itself, this foundation is quite matte.

What I don't like about the product 

  • The case doesn't feel particularly sturdy. The powder isn't also particularly well-milled, so if you drop it don't expect a high chance of it surviving the fall.
  • I wouldn't call this foundation long-wearing. It starts to fade four to five hours after application.



  • So-so oil control. Not awesome, not bad either. I think I oiled up three hours after application. If you're oily, I imagine you would have to retouch at least twice if you plan to use the foundation the whole day.



If you're looking for a heavy coverage foundation that delivers a super smooth, matte finish, and more importantly, something that won't break you out, then you'll love the Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation! This foundie is very good for the price. It's not perfect in the wear department but it does deliver such a nice perfecting coverage. Just wear a primer underneath if you want it to last longer.


This is verrrry nice! I like using this on top of just a bit of concealer, especially when I'm in a real rush. It gives the coverage I want in just a couple of layers. :D I prefer to apply this foundation with a huge kabuki brush then I  dust a bit of shimmery powder over it for a dewy finish. Win!

Have you tried this foundation? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!