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Human Heart Nature Mineral Color Creme Lipstick in Candy Red

Remember a few years back when everyone was crazy about high heels? That thankfully died down, and now the fashion gods dictate that sandals and sneakers are the hottest things since sliced bread. I rarely see anyone in heels now - even magazine people, unless it's a very important event. Who has the time to suffer wearing tall shoes? 

I do still love wearing them every once in a while, but now I'm on a sneaker semi-addiction. Even more after I saw most of the stylish people in Tokyo wearing New Balance, Vans, and Converse sneaks! In the same vein, women are now going for more convenient, easy cosmetics. We don't want to fuss anymore - we just want something that requires the least amount of thought and effort. There's a good and bad side to that but I think we can all agree that easy is good!


Anyhoo, today I want to introduce you to something new from a local megabrand: the Human Heart Nature Mineral Color Creme Lipstick (P295). I'm not going to prolong this review. This is an excellent lipstick in classy packaging, and it reminds me so much of the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine Lipstick! It has the exact moisturizing feel and shiny finish.


However, as with the Shu Uemura lippie, this isn't particularly long-wearing. It'll take only two or three hours before it fades completey. That's alright though as it doesn't flake up when it dries - a quick retouch definitely won't feel gross! It's very similar to other balmy lipsticks like the Clinique Chubby Sticks and Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. This HHN lipstick just like you're applying smooth, buttery balm. It's super moisturizing.

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Organic Beauty Week: New from Human Heart Nature

Honest talk: I am sometimes turned off by Human Heart Nature's marketing tactics. I like what the brand is doing, creating a beauty brand that is sustainable, pro-poor, and pro-environment. But I don't like how they are always scaring people off perfectly fine ingredients. They don't go out and say, this-and-this is toxic and will kill you, but they will slyly say that their ingredients are 100% safe and don't you want to be safe when using personal care products? Don't you want to avoid risks?

So maybe I'm not qualified to talk about what ingredients are safe or not. But cosmetic chemists are. I am more inclined to believe them because, you know, science. Facts. I always research ingredients when I have the time and try not to be scared into submission by fear-mongering organic/all-natural brands.

Nonetheless, I'm going to introduce some of Human Heart Nature's latest products today. ;P This local, socially-conscious brand never rests on its laurels, hence the new releases every quarter or so.

Okay! The most interesting thing here for me is the Human Heart Nature Natural Day Moisturizer (P150/50ml). This has a light, non-greasy texture that smells wonderful too! It has 15 vitamins and minerals, namely Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Selenium, Lecithin, Zinc, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium.

It also has no silicone and dimethicone, two ingredients that help products feel smoother on the skin. These -ones also fill in pores and lines, which is a good way to seal in moisture and even out the surface of skin. However they can cause pimples if your skin doesn't agree with these ingredients. 

Sounds interesting! You should try it if you're conscious about ingredients like that.

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New from Human Heart Nature: Body care trio

This isn't going to be a review since I gave this Human Heart Nature set away after I took the photos - now I regret it because I've seen good reviews online! These products smell fantastic, and we all know that HHN is quite specific about their ingredients being as safe as possible.  

Well then what am I going to put here in place of a review? Why, information my dear! :) These may be something to consider the next time you buy body care products. The 50ml tubes are especially useful for traveling!

The Human Nature Hand & Foot Salve in Eucalyptus is formulated with oregano, spearmint and lemon balm extracts with a mild, cooling sensation to soothe dry, cracked, flaky skin.

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Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation

I'm in a contemplative mood today. I've just been thinking about responsibility and what it truly means. The hardest way to learn it is when something needs to be done, you don't want to do it, but there's no one else so you get on your knees and get to work. You are not truly responsibly for something unless it's a thing you have to do completely alone.

My, what heavy words to start the week! Back to makeup. I want to talk about a really nice foundation I've been test-driving for a while now - the Human Heart Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation (P475). It's 100% mineral makeup, it's pressed, and it has heavy coverage! Products like this usually cost a pretty shiny penny, but thanks to Human Heart Nature it's now affordable and easily available.

Here's what I think about the foundation!

What I love about the product

  • It delivers medium to heavy coverage while only requiring a bit of product. It's heavily pigmented, not chalky at all, so opacity is easy to achieve.
  • Smooth, matte finish evens out minor imperfections and discoloration. My skin looks like a doll's whenever I wear it!
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Human Heart Nature Mineral Lip Gloss

I am so easily distracted lately. I don't know why, particularly, maybe I'm just tired. It grates at me. I need to be 100% productive these days as I juggle four jobs so I don't have time for this. If you guys have tips on how to focus better, they would be much appreciated!

ANYWAY! Today I'm going to talk about Human Heart Nature's latest product, the Mineral Lip Gloss (P195). It comes in two shades, Island Berry, Pink Hibiscus, and Coral Beach. Let's get on it!

What I love about the product

  • Non-sticky! My top qualification for a good lip gloss.
  • Non-drying.
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Human Heart Nature says, "Read the label!"

When I was younger, I was very reckless about using skincare products. I thought, "What's the worst that can happen?" Indeed, what? I found out the hard way after allergic reactions and several breakouts later. Thus, I've taken to reading (or at the very least, scanning) the label of each product I use. You'll also notice that in most of my skincare and makeup reviews, I provide a snap of the ingredients (when applicable).

I usually Google the ingredients I'm concerned about. Now if you've tried doing that before, you'll notice that getting the results you want can be a challenge. The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is very helpful, but you'll have to wade through a lot of data to get the info you need. I also like Cosdna since it's more straightforward, but it's not as comprehensive as EWG. 

So where else can we go? Fortunately, Human Heart Nature decided to develop an app that functions as an ingredients database.

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Human Heart Nature Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in Enchanted Evening

Mineral here, organic there. That has been the trend in beauty for the past few years, but these days it's more of a given than an optional thing for brands. I mentioned before that I'm not completely sold on 100% natural beauty products simply because they're either ineffectual or, if the quality is good, the price can be prohibitive. Nonetheless, there is one brand that has sucessfully battled this dilemma by being somewhere in between - Human Heart Nature.

The HHN Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in Enchanted Evening (P275) is the first makeup I've tried from the brand. The packaging is pretty and the price is friendly, but is the quality competitive?

What I like about the product

  • It doesn't have the usual tacky shade selection. The lilac, dusky violet, and gray purple are sophisticated shades that I didn't expect in a P275 palette. They will work with fair to morena skintones.
  • Well-milled and not chalky at all. I like the silky texture.
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Human Heart Nature Lip Balm in Peppermint

Ahh, lip balms. I have already lost count of all the lip balms I have lying around the house. However, the Human Heart Nature Lip Balm in Peppermint (P60) is special to me because it's the first all-natural, organic lip balm I've tried. It's the most affordable too!

It's a nice lip balm. It won't knock your socks off but its best feature really is the fact that it's natural, with no petroleum or other chemicals in the ingredient list. If your lips are sensitive and have a tendency to darken easily, this organic alternative may help you in the long run.

Texture and feel. The HHN Lip Balm has a hard, waxy texture that will really pull at your lips if you insist on swiping it.

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Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile Fresh

I have had this uneasy impression that organic products, owing to their lack of synthesized chemicals and special ingredients ("chorva complex"), don't work as well as the usual drugstore brands. Sure they're good for the skin and the environment but I don't want to sacrifice instant comfort and efficacy for something as vague as those things. Besides, organic products tend to be more expensive than what we can find in drugstores.

Thus, I had very minimal expectations for the Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile Fresh (50ml/ P60 and 200ml/ P160). I've been using this drugstore brand for almost ten years now and I'm completely happy with it, so why take a chance with a new - and oh no, organic - product? Simple, I ran out, and this HHN wash was there waiting to be opened. :P

I'm glad I tried it!

What I love about the product

  • The citrus-chamomile scent is not overwhelming and disappears after rinsing. 
  • Gel lathers very well even if you use only a small amount. Area feels clean and fresh after washing.
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Human Heart Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

I had very high hopes about the Human Heart Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo (P44.75) and Conditioner (P49.75). Just a couple of washes using both products left my hair feeling soft, shiny, and less frizzy. Of course, the fact that these two are completely natural and safe to use (no pthalates, parabens, SLS/ SLES, formaldehyde, and other toxic stuff) added to the appeal.

I also loved the texture of both products - the shampoo was delightfully foamy while the conditioner was creamy and smooth on my hair. I only had to use a little to do the job.

As much as I want to really love these products though, I got quite a few pimples while using them.

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Human Nature Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil

I've read a lot of good reviews about the Human Nature Sunflower Oil. This is the very intriguing product description:

Radiant, soft skin touched by the sun! Our premium, cosmetic-grade Sunflower Beauty oil is packed with vitamins A, D & E to help fight wrinkles and naturally protect skin from infections and irritants. Best applied to the sensitive under-eye area. Many customers, including our Global Ambassador, Hollywood actress Rachel Grant, use this a make-up remover too. And due to Sunflower oil's properties, it can also help lighten dark circles under eyes and even stretch marks with daily use! A final tip - Rachel Grant likes to take a drop of it, rub it all over her palms then run her hands through her hair to add healthy-looking shine and vigor to her hair every morning. Is there anything our Beauty Oil can't do?!

With a killer description and a killer price (P120 for the 50mL bottle), who won't buy this? My curiosity got the better of me so I decided to get one when I visited Mercato Centrale.

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