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The Best and Worst Shampoo Bars: We tested four products on different hair types!

I’m probably a little late to the game but I first heard about the zero waste lifestyle mid last year while browsing group pages on Facebook. This movement is about making the conscious effort to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste that one produces on a daily basis. I’m sure you’ve heard about switching to reusable straws, reusable coffee cups, and even menstrual cups! When it comes to our beauty addiction, there are a lot of ways to make our routines more environmentally-friendly, but let’s focus on a personal care staple that (almost) everyone uses: shampoo.

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Quick Rave: Love Beauty And Planet Volume and Bounty Shampoo is a godsend for fine hair

First things first: I apologize that my bottle of the Love Beauty And Planet Volume and Bounty Shampoo (P390 for 400ml in Lazada) is so grotty and old in the photos. There is literally only 10% of product left inside this bottle because I’ve used it pretty much everyday since I got it! I didn’t plan to write about this product let alone rave about it and yet it has been a part of my life ever since it launched last March. It is time for me to break my silence on this gem of a shampoo!

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I tried Beauty & Planet's vegan formulas for dyed hair - here's what happened!

I recently cut and dyed my hair teal as inspired by my iconic ‘90s mahou shoujo inspiration, Sailor Mercury! I used my favorite hair dye of all time, the Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Dye in Aquamarine, which is a brand known for their bright and long-lasting colors. Here’s a photo of me feeling very cute with my freshly-dyed lob alongside the official art of Sailor Mercury!

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Freshly Unwashed: Three under P500 dry shampoos to refresh your hair ASAP

Having naturally wavy, chemically-treated strands that I compulsively wash almost daily means that I am basically a frizz magnet at the first sign of humidity. To help manage my mane issues, especially when I have to leave the house looking a little more presentable, I tend to wash my hair the night before to let everything settle. I also rely on the magic of dry shampoo!

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Hot In Hair: The Kérastase Extentioniste ‘trains’ hair to grow stronger & longer

Kérastase Philippines just launched a new haircare line, Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste, as their first hair program designed to optimize and reinforce the length of damaged hair. It features Creatine-R Complex, a natural amino acid that is usually found in workout supplements. It is meant to improve strength, increase muscle mass and help muscles recover quicker during exercise. Recherche Avancée L’Oréal Research Institute has harnessed this technology to create a ‘training program’ for hair that will strengthen and reinforce hair’s internal structure, which is supposed to assist in uninterrupted lengthening.

This line claims to induce hair growth of up to 4cm in just 3 months of consistent use. Average hair growth is at 1cm per month, but if you’re impatient about growing your hair like I am, the product promise has definitely gotten me intrigued!

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Why you should switch to sulfate-free hair care + a list of gentler alternatives

I've since took note of how different shampoos affect my scalp and hair, and was shocked to discover that certain variants would actually cause breakouts near my hairline. I knew that certain skincare ingredients should be avoided, and a quick look at the ingredients list of shampoos I used revealed they all had one thing in common: sulfates.

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Why I finished a half-liter bottle of the Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo

I very rarely talk about hair products because so few of them actually work for my super picky hair. Just to give you a picture: I have fine, fine strands prone to breakage and hair fall, and on top of that I have developed an oily scalp over the years. I manage it with a good cleansing routine and lightweight hair styling products, but it's a delicate balance. One wrong hair product and it could take my hair and scalp weeks to recuperate!

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Reader question: How will you know if your shampoo is breaking you out?

Hello Ms Liz and all the readers :) I hope you could answer my question. I recently tried another variant of shampoo kasi I was getting tired of the scent of the old one. I just started two days ago and just today I noticed a few bumps on my forehead near the hairline. I don't know if it's the shampoo or the hormones as my period's approaching. I just wanna know how I can avoid getting serious breakouts caused by hair care products in the future and how to distinguish them from a normal breakout. Thanks! - Nerys

Hi Nerys! This is an excellent question because I feel that a lot of us may be unaware that hair products are as guilty of causing breakouts as skincare. Thing is, whatever's applied there and on our scalp can easily migrate to our face! When I was younger i would ALWAYS get pimples and I can never tell what causes them. Until I switched to my current (and unglamorous) shampoo - Head and Shoulders - the pimples did not stop.

I invest in good skincare but so far there is only one shampo that doesn't break me out after regular use. So yeah, this is pretty important! I've gone through a LOT of breakouts caused by hair products, so my advice is to observe a new hair care product closely the first couple of weeks.

So how will you know if you shampoo is breaking you out? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you usually break out on those sections of your face/body? Usually, breakouts caused by hair products happen on the chin and near the hair line. If you don't normally get pimples there, then it's likely your new hair care is causing it.

Even if you're breaking out somewhere else, it might be because your hair tends to touch that area (like the cheeks and back). 

2. Is it the only new thing you're using? I strongly recommend using new products only one at a time so you can isolate any effects you get from them. I know how exciting it is to use new things all at once, but a bit of restraint and patience will save you a lot of trouble and backtracking in the long run!

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5 tell-tale signs that you're due to use clarifying shampoo

We already know that we need to exfoliate and/or have a facial regularly. All that dirt, oil, dead skin, and makeup builds up on the surface, even if we already use facial wash everyday. It's the same with our hair. We use shampoo whenever we take a bath, right, but we also need to "deep clean" our tresses like we do our face. Not a lot of people know that!

Which begs the question: what should we use to "deep clean" our hair? Answer: clarifying shampoo! This type of shampoo is usually meant to be used only once or twice every week, to remove whatever residue is left by our shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. The formula has more intense surfactants to help wash off the gunk, and has no conditioning ingredients that may deposit even more gunk. 

Love this Celeteque Clarifying Shampoo (P200), it works and it smells nice n' clean. 

A clarifying shampoo can thus feel drying, which is why we should limit its use to once or at most twice a week. It's the same reason we're cautioned against using exoliators regularly.

So! When do you need to use clarifying shampoo? What are the dead giveaways? Here's five!

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