New look, new formula: How Zenutrients' Gugo line is better than ever

What makes a brand good? I'd say it has something to do with its ability to evolve and be better over time. To do this, it has to listen to what customers want and get rid of the "why fix it when it ain't broke" mentality. There's always something to improve on if one can accept that product development is a never-ending process! How else can a brand stay relevant and play a long game?

Zenutrients has a new look, new products, and reformulated faves

Zenutrients has a new look, new products, and reformulated faves

This is something that Zenutrients General Manager Angela Reyes-Dinglasan understands by heart. Remember when she gave me the Gugo Hair Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner last year and it blew my mind? I've purchased several bottles of both products since then because they do so much for my thinning hair! I always have these in my bathroom in rotation with other hair HGs. I was raving to Angela about it some months later and she says, "Wait until we perfect a new shampoo and conditioner base!" 

Wait I did, and now it's here. The Gugo shampoo and conditioner is Zenutrients' best-selling products - they sell this stuff by the liter - but Angela knew that it could be improved. I mentioned before that the shampoo, while having clarifying and volumizing functions, was quite drying. It's the kind where you really need a conditioner afterwards! The new version though has a richer lather and is definitely a lot less drying. I also feel that the gugo concentration is higher, judging by the smell and color of the shampoo (it's a deeper amber color than before, which means the gugo was steeped in there for longer). I would still want to use conditioner after the shampoo but now it can be optional.

I loved the conditioner before since it didn't weigh my hair down and rinsed off without a residue. Now it's richer and more moisturizing, while still maintaining my hair volume. It's still easy to rinse off! It smells the same too, like minty oatmeal.

Overall, I adore this new reformulated version of my old faves. The new packaging is lovely as well, with a more minimalist clean look. I am definitely going to keep on buying the Zenutrients Gugo products for the foreseeable future. ^_^ Have you tried this yet? If so, how was your experience?