Why I finished a half-liter bottle of the Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo

I very rarely talk about hair products because so few of them actually work for my super picky hair. Just to give you a picture: I have fine, fine strands prone to breakage and hair fall, and on top of that I have developed an oily scalp over the years. I manage it with a good cleansing routine and lightweight hair styling products, but it's a delicate balance. One wrong hair product and it could take my hair and scalp weeks to recuperate!

So I'm careful. It took me a while to finally try the Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Hair Care Series because I wasn't sure that my hair needed moisture, considering how oily it can get. I took a second look though when I noticed that my SO, James, had extra soft hair! I usually give him the hair products I've decided not to use, and he's been washing with the peach Ichikami shampoo then. I immediately started using it regularly. Happy to report that I've already emptied one full half a liter bottle after two months (+++), and I'm on my way to the next!

I love the Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo (P595 for 480ml) because as it turns out, my scalp needs more nourishing products. I bombard it with clear shampoos and a vinegar rinse that removes product build-up, forgetting a key rule when it comes to oily skin: it needs to be moisturized, too, to help it regulate oil production. OMG, such a noob mistake. I use conditioner but not enough; I needed a cream shampoo on rotation and the Ichikami was perfect for it!

It is sulfate- and silicone-free, which means that it doesn't weigh down my hair nor contain harsh surfactants. True enough my hair feels super soft, non-greasy, and volumized even though it's a cream cleanser! It helps to tone down the frizz of my naturally wavy hair. It has a lovely floral fragrance, which might be a bit strong if you're sensitive but I personally don't mind.

I'm pleased to note that I don't break out from the shampoo or the conditioner. 

Now a bottle is pretty pricey at P595, but you do get almost half a liter of product. I use half a pump per wash and one bottle lasted me over two months of daily use. Sometimes I use it twice a day since I play tennis! I find it sulit! I've already emptied one full bottle of the stuff.


The Ichikami Moisturizing Conditioner (P595 for 480ml) is pretty nice too, but I use it less often than the shampoo. I just condition my hair 2-3 times a week as the practice can definitely add too much moisture naman. The Ichikami conditioner is sulfate-free, but not silicone-free. The silicones contribute to the occlusive (i.e. forming a seal on the hair cuticles and coating the hair strands to prevent water loss) nature of conditioners.

The Ichikami conditioner makes my hair feel super silky and smooth. It can feel a bit too heavy for my unprocessed hair, but I appreciate that it washes off cleanly without feeling like I have a film of product remaining in my head.

I love this combo so much that I had to include them in the Project Vanity Bridal Kit. I highly recommend the shampoo to those who need something moisturizing but not heavy on the scalp; the conditioner is especially useful to those with damaged hair as it's quite nourishing. I already have a backup of the shampoo and will repurchase when I run out. You can get the Kracie Ichikami Hair Series exclusively at Beauty Bar!

Would love to know what you think, as always. Have you tried any hair product from Kracie? They're super popular in Japan.