Hot In Hair: The Kérastase Extentioniste ‘trains’ hair to grow stronger & longer

Kérastase Philippines just launched a new haircare line, Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste, as their first hair program designed to optimize and reinforce the length of damaged hair. It features Creatine-R Complex, a natural amino acid that is usually found in workout supplements. It is meant to improve strength, increase muscle mass and help muscles recover quicker during exercise. Recherche Avancée L’Oréal Research Institute has harnessed this technology to create a ‘training program’ for hair that will strengthen and reinforce hair’s internal structure, which is supposed to assist in uninterrupted lengthening.

This line claims to induce hair growth of up to 4cm in just 3 months of consistent use. Average hair growth is at 1cm per month, but if you’re impatient about growing your hair like I am, the product promise has definitely gotten me intrigued!


The line includes a shampoo, the Bain Extentioniste (P1,600 for 250ml). It’s the first and daily step in the ‘training program.’ The Creatine R Complex is meant to strengthen your hair’s internal structures, while the Taurine protects the hair follicle. Overall, it’s meant to protect your hair follicles and ensure a healthy scalp. It’s a clear shampoo that has a mild, yet fresh scent, and creates a rich lather, which I like.


Its conditioner counterpart is the Fondant Extentioniste (P 1,900 for 200ml) which comes in the same scent. Aside from the Creatine-R Complex, it also contains Acid Maleic, which has miniscule particles able to penetrate the hair fiber. This allows the conditioner to seal hair cuticles with an even coating from roots to tips! I currently have issues with straw-like hair, and I find that this does smoothen my mane. It certainly does the job, and somehow manages to feel lightweight - a big plus since most conditioners tend to weigh my superfine hair down!

Masque Extentioniste and Fondant Extentioniste

Masque Extentioniste and Fondant Extentioniste

The mask, Masque Extentioniste (P2,980 for 200ml) can be used 2-3 times a week, in place of the Fondant Extentioniste. With the same star ingredients as the Fondant, this mask comes in a richer texture which can help prevent breakage and reduce the appearance of split ends. The Masque looks a bit firmer and more solid in texture than the Fondant, thus it also takes a bit more care to spread. I can also feel that it imparts a bigger boost of moisture. I happily enjoyed a softer and silkier head of hair for at least 3 days after using this mask, even while using my non-Extentioniste routine in between.


Lastly, the Serum Extentioniste (P2,050 for 50ml) targets the roots and scalp. Applying the no-rinse, ceramide-rich serum on the scalp daily ensures that the new hair growth stays healthy, which makes sense since the rest of the line has targets damage in the shaft and ends. The serum feels siliconey and is fairly easy to spread. My hair feels a bit wet upon application but I don’t think it can air-dry; you would need a hair dryer (set on cold) to fully dry this out.

I can’t accurately measure my hair growth, but my straw-like hair is getting better. It certainly looks and feels healthier, and healthy hair just grows faster. I’ve got 2 and a half months to go before the promised 4cm grows out but I’ll be glad to keep my hair this pretty while waiting!

Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste is available in the following Kerastase partner salons; Aura, Basement, Beautygem, Bench Fix, David’s, Emphasis, Essensuals, Jesi Mendez, Kerastase Institute, Regine’s, Rever Pacific Sta, Studio Fix, T and G Premiere Salon, and Teng Roma S Maison.