Five new finds for the skin, body, and hair

Makeup makes us instantly pretty, but workhorses in the skin, hair, and body care department refines what's already beautiful about us - don't you agree? Sifting through my current routine, I present to you five things that's keeping me polished from head to toe! 

Clinique Sonic System Acne Solutions Deep Cleansing Brush Head (P1,450). I've already raved about the Clinique brush before. This is a different brush head though that's designed for acneic skin! The bristles are a lot softer and more densely packed compared to the original green-and-white brush. Used with care, this won't unduly irritate any pimples you might have while gently exfoliating dead skin away.

I don't have a lot of pimples, but I still love to use it everyday! 

Origins Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment Gel (P2,000+). This is a deeply hydrating gel-type moisturizer that has a nakakakilig orangey scent. It's an excellent non-sticky and brightening moisturizer - up there with my Estee Lauder, La Mer, and Clinique faves - but it's the scent that really gets me. I like rotating this when my skin is particularly dry and bleh.

Dear Beauté Himawari by Kracie Oil In Shampoo (P695/500ml). My hair has been feeling dry lately, moreso after my recent dye job. This rich shampoo from Japan makes my locks shiny and well-moisturized without having to resort to conditioner. It has sunflower oil! It's silicone-free and sulfate-free so I can use it on my dyed hair.

Tony Moly Make HD Silk Argan Oil (P598). I didn't think I'd like this because I assumed it will weigh down my fine hair and cause my scalp to feel oilier than it should. I didn't get that at all! Instead, one pump of this makes my hair smoother and less frizzy. This is closer to a hair serum in terms of texture versus a proper hair oil. It reminds me of my HG Kerastase serum but with a waaaaaay more reasonable price tag.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet (P850). If you're going to get me anything for Christmas, please (literally) shower me with anything from the Satsuma line! Its orange scent makes me so kilig also whenever I smell it! But wait what's a Body Sorbet? It's apparently a body moisturizer. I found the silicone texture really weird at first - it feels like a makeup primer - but it melts after some brisk rubbing. This is a great moisturizer if you don't like the sticky feel of lotions and creams. It hydrates and smells fresh for about a couple of hours. ^_^

So there you go, some of my skin, hair, and body faves. ^_^ Would love to know yours too!