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MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Therapy Oil

Everybody loves a multi-tasking beauty product. We get more value for money, plus it cuts down the time rummaging for stuff to use on separate parts of the body! My latest multi-use find is the MoringaO2 Malunggay Herbal Therapy Oil (P99 for 30ml). This is a blend of pure malunggay oil, olive oil, husk oil, and sunflower seed oil that may be used on the skin, scalp, and hair.

Malunggay is a super-ingredient with several anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals distilled from the plant. It's not only a great way to nourish the body, but the skin as well.

So did you read the product info? It sounds too good to be true I know, but only time will tell if the product can do ALL of the abovementioned miracles. I can however testify to it being an effective moisturizer for the body and hair!

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