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Day, Date, and Glam: Three looks to try using Pink Sugar’s new blushes and eyeshadow palette

When it comes to good quality makeup products that won’t break the bank, Pink Sugar is a constant favorite here on PV! From the time Liz first wrote about them in 2015, we’ve pretty much enjoyed everything from their 350-peso face powder to their pizza-proof lip tints. The formulas are good and reliable, but this local brand is continually finding ways to make their products even more user-friendly. So when they released a new variant of their well-loved Eye Candy Eyeshadow palette and a repackaged duo version of their Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color, I thought people needed to see these in action! 

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The Beauty Peg: The tutorial videos of seven celebs who do their own makeup

Raise your hand if you've ever watched video after video of makeup tutorials, only to realize it's past midnight! We feel it's well-worth all the hours on YouTube though - after all, we need to know how to properly use the products we've spent on. Famous makeup artists and beauty gurus are staples when it comes to channel subscriptions but if you wanted to cop the look of a certain actress or personality, why not go straight to the source?

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Tutorial: Graduation Makeup

Who's graduating in the next few months? Congratulations in advance! It's tough to get through university in one piece, so you better make that last hurrah count. Looking fabulous on the day you are honored for your accomplishments is a simple gift to yourself. Here's a tutorial on how best to go about it!

Now you need to consider a few things when doing your graduation makeup. It must be able to withstand the sweat and oil that will result from the humid hell that is March-April where the season begins to fully transition to summer. I remember my own graduation where we had to stand two hours outside the auditorium before the program started. Que horror! Expect the worse, so your makeup should be oil-resistant, water-resistant, and long-wearing.

I highly recommend the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation for your base if you don't mind the price

...but the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup is a great alternative

Your look should also be as photogenic as possible. It should present the best version of your skin and enhance your features, which means that it has to be heavier and more complex than usual. Don't worry, I'll walk you through the hoops. ;) This tutorial can also be a handy for any special occasion or photoshoot since it's versatile.

Let's begin!

Perfect your skin. The most photogenic and long-lasting combination for this type of event is liquid foundation, spot concealer, and then translucent loose powder.

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Tutorial: Makeup for girls with glasses

Hello Ms. Liz! I just want to ask you some tips on how to pull off a look even if you have glasses. I can't literally see without them and I'm not accustomed into using contact lenses. And because of it, somehow I don't have enough self confidence whenever I dress up, since I kinda look like a manang because of the glasses. :( - Elle

Hi Elle! I've been wearing glasses since 5th grade (too much reading!) so I totally know where you're coming from. Now, the secret to looking stylish in glasses is simple: don't think of them at all. That is, don't feel conscious of whatever you think they stand for. Style is more about attitude than the clothes and makeup we wear. Stand straight, look everyone in the eye, and smile as if you mean it. You'll notice that people will start treating you differently, in a positive way.

But those are just words. You'll realize these things on your own soon. :) The immediate solution to your problem is updating your look - get a chic pair of glasses, a fun hair cut, and trendier clothes that fit your personality. Of course, you can also start with a makeup look that can turn a geeky face to a sexy one! 

(Not that there's anything wrong with being geeky. It's nice to switch things up though.) Here's a tutorial!

Step 1: Eyebrows become more of a crucial issue when you're wearing glasses. Your glasses literally frame your whole face, while your eyebrows frame your glasses. Make sure to get glasses that compliment the shape of your eyebrows well. To start off, they should have more or less the same arch.

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Tutorial: Bea Alonzo's "The Mistress" makeup

Someone on Ask Liz! requested for a tutorial on Bea Alonzo's makeup on her latest movie,"The Mistress". I thought it was a cool idea! I've been wanting to watch that film ever since I saw the trailer last August. The story seems interesting enough, but I also love how Bea looks so polished and different in it. The makeup she wore really enhanced her beauty which is awe-inspiring considering that it looks like she's not wearing much at all.


I haven't seen the movie yet so I did this tutorial based on the trailer and the pomotional pictures. I would describe Bea's makeup as the Prime Look, which is not the "no makeup makeup" or even the "natural makeup" look. It's done with a heavier hand that focuses on color matching, contouring, and precise eyes to bring out the perfect version of a face (hence "prime"). 


Don't worry. it's not as complicated as it sounds! I've made a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve Bea's makeup. Of course I don't look anything like her, but makeup-wise it's fairly near. Let's get crackin'!


Step 1: Bea's skin is super smooth and translucent in the film, so skip the heavy matte foundations and opt for something light instead. I used the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup. This is a great brightening foundation that looks invisible yet gives good coverage. After concealing, I topped it off with the Palgantong Theatrical Powder to get a smooth and translucent finish.


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How to Create Double Eyelids with Makeup

Hi everyone! Please welcome Dionne Co, our guest blogger for the day. She blogs at Hello Beauty, so please do visit her and say hello! She's a true-blue makeup addict if I ever saw one. You'll love her tips, I'm sure.

Back in my high school, almost 99% of the students were Chinese. A lot of my classmates complained about not having double eyelids (we used to call it “ting sun” or “fold”) so you’d see some teenage girls walking around with scotch tape on their lids! It was pretty funny to look at but wishing for double lids was, is, and always will be a common occurrence among Oriental girls.


Although I don’t really have anything against surgery, it’s still pretty painful, expensive and risky. Not everyone’s willing to go under the knife. Today, I’m going to show you how to create that double lid effect with something inexpensive, safe and accessible – makeup!

The trick here is depth and dimension.


Read the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to create a double eyelid look after the jump! 

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FOTD: Easy Valentine's Day look

Here I am again with my Valentine's Day makeup suggestion! I feel that this look is flirty and light, just the thing to NOT scare off your date on Valentine's. I know we girls love smoky eyes and red lips, but there are guys who don't appreciate those kinds of looks. No matter. We should wear what we want if it makes us feel good! But for Valentine's day, perhaps it's better to tone it down a little in consideration of our dates.

So, I made a tutorial for this FOTD!

Step 1: Start with a well-primed and evened-out face. I suggest using a primer to prevent makeup meltdown, something like the L'Oreal Base Magique (face) and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (eyes). For this look I used the Avon Ideal Shade Foundation + loose powder from the same line. I also used the MAC Studiofinish concealer

Step 2: Apply a champagne eyeshadow like MAC All That Glitters all over your lid.

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