Tutorial: Makeup for girls with glasses

Hello Ms. Liz! I just want to ask you some tips on how to pull off a look even if you have glasses. I can't literally see without them and I'm not accustomed into using contact lenses. And because of it, somehow I don't have enough self confidence whenever I dress up, since I kinda look like a manang because of the glasses. :( - Elle

Hi Elle! I've been wearing glasses since 5th grade (too much reading!) so I totally know where you're coming from. Now, the secret to looking stylish in glasses is simple: don't think of them at all. That is, don't feel conscious of whatever you think they stand for. Style is more about attitude than the clothes and makeup we wear. Stand straight, look everyone in the eye, and smile as if you mean it. You'll notice that people will start treating you differently, in a positive way.


But those are just words. You'll realize these things on your own soon. :) The immediate solution to your problem is updating your look - get a chic pair of glasses, a fun hair cut, and trendier clothes that fit your personality. Of course, you can also start with a makeup look that can turn a geeky face to a sexy one! 

(Not that there's anything wrong with being geeky. It's nice to switch things up though.) Here's a tutorial!

Step 1: Eyebrows become more of a crucial issue when you're wearing glasses. Your glasses literally frame your whole face, while your eyebrows frame your glasses. Make sure to get glasses that compliment the shape of your eyebrows well. To start off, they should have more or less the same arch.

Regularly remove stray hairs and keep that arch up. To shade the brows, brush them with a spoolie (up or down depends on the hair growth), and paint with a brow product that's near to the color of your hair. Or slightly lighter if you're so inclined. Fill in gaps and extend where you wish (here's a separate tutorial).

Using Benefit Brow Zings with Charm eyebrow brush

The tips of your eyebrows should not go beyond the lines of your glasses. Leave a margin, so to speak! A centimeter or two should be enough.

Step 2: Prime your lids whether you're wearing eyeshadow or not. Use a base with a bit of shimmer or something skintone matte that subtly shades the lid. This lifts your lids and evens them out under your glasses. I love the Artdeco Eyeshadow Base since it has some nice shimmer, as well as the Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in Bone.

Step 3: For a neutral everyday look, you can never go wrong with champagne eyeshadow and a light brown crease color. This works across the board for anyone. This lights up your eyes, lifts them, and just generally enhances them in any lighting. I'm using a Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar palette here.

To start off, apply the lid color. I chose a golden champagne shade.

Then pick up the matte light brown and apply it on the crease using the same brush. You don't have to be super precise since the color is just barely there, which is exactly the effect I want to achieve - soft yet defined.

And this is how it should look like. Simple right?

Step 4: Apply thick eyeliner on top if you have Asian eyes. You can use a legit eyeliner or a dark, pigmented eyeshadow. The latter has a nicer, hazier effect though, which makes it more appropriate for day wear. The thick line gives monolid or hooded eyes like mine a wide-eyed look.

So there! This is a simple day look that gives you just the right amount of polish without being too overwhelming. Just add your fave blush, a thin layer of mascara, and an MLBB lippie (I'm wearing the Etude House Dear My Essence in Lips-talk here). 

For evening affairs, you can go for daring eyes that pop. Just apply another line on the bottom lid to sort of frame your eyes. You can opt to add an extra layer of black eyeliner to get a more dramatic look. Now you don't have to go all the way or use a thick line like I did - this is just my preference as I have bulgy eyes.

Some people would not recommend you line your bottom lids as this can make you look tired and droopy under glasses. I disagree with this as long as you do it right. :) Layer powder and cream products to prevent things from melting mid-day! 

Add more mascara, but focus on the base of your lashes. You don't want the tips to keep hitting your specs.

As for blush, I like to wear it high on my cheeks when I have glasses on. This line, as illustrated, helps to sort of connect the line of your glasses to your face. It's just a more symmetrical, pleasant thing to look at. You get a thinner face in the bargain. 

I used MAC Peachtwist here, which is a little bronzy. Any blush or contour powder will do - I just used this shade to match the lip color I want to wear.


You can keep your lips neutral since you have strong eyes already. Or, you can go for a juicy color that's not too overwhelming. I just stained a red lipstick on my puckers then rubbed it in with a glossy balm. Voila! Instant apple red!

And that's what I recommend for an evening with glasses on. Daring, but not too much that it would compete with your frames. :)

If you have more tips on how to wear makeup with glasses, we would love to hear them! :D