The road to great hair is paved with Kérastase

A "holy grail" beauty product is something that is irreplaceable - at least, as far as you know. It's something that you use all the time, finish off, replace, even hoard. It makes you feel beautiful. The word "love" is loosely thrown around in beauty writing, but it approaches the truth when you love your ultimate HG find.

My holy grail hair conditioning and styling product is the Kérastase Elixir Ultime. I won't go into the nitty gritty because I've reviewed it already, but to summarize all that: it's the best thing that ever happened to my hair. It keeps my locks shiny, soft, smooth, and bouncy all day. It's also economical as I've had my bottle since last May and I'm only less than halfway through. Take note, I use it every single time I go out!

Now the success of the Elixir Ultime led Kérastase to bring in three new variants in the line. The Grand Crus Collection is composed of scented serums that target specific needs - the Millenium Rose (fine sensitized hair), Imperial Tea (color-treated hair), and Immortal Moringa (damaged hair). The original Elixir Ultime in the yellow bottle is for all hair-types, I believe.

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I have Millenium Rose which smells faintly of fresh roses. It's considerably less viscuous, more watery, than the original EU serum, which makes sense because it's for thin hair. I have fine, thin strands, so Millenium Rose is a great choice for when I want even more lightweight and bouncy hair. My hair feels softer when I use this compared to my first Elixir. It also has a better finish whenever I blow-dry my hair.

Between the two of them though, I use the original Elixir more often. I don't condition every time I wash my hair, plus the shampoo I use can be a little drying. So, I need a heavier serum to compensate for that. I do use Millenium Rose after I condition my hair though, and to "retouch" it with if I'm going out without washing it.

So there you go. :) If you have troublesome hair, or if you want to beautify your already perfect hair to fantastic heights, you must try the Kerastase Elixir Ultime some time. It's worth every cent.

What's your fave hair serum? Do you splurge on your hair?